New Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure Identified for Women

Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure in women

High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke and related conditions. Not many people know that it kills more woman on average as compared to breast cancer, that is considered number one cause of death in women worldwide. In addition to the existing risk factors, the health experts have identified new risk factors for high blood pressure in women, giving a comprehensive idea about what may disturb it. Based on this information more women can be saved from high blood pressure-related complications, later in life.

The life of a woman is much different from men. There is a lot that goes on in their life, affecting their bodies, mental health, hormones, and whatnot. Only proper self-care can save them from overburdening the physical and mental stress that life brings to them. This is the biggest reason why health experts suggest women take time for themselves, breaking up from all obligations once in a while.

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Surprisingly, more than 50% of the women with high blood pressure don’t know about their risk factors. A majority of them have no idea how to control their blood pressure which puts their health in unnecessary danger. When not controlled, high blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke in women. However, only a few preventive steps can save from this danger, and give women fewer things to worry about in life.

Dr. Monik Jiménez, from the Harvard Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, is also at the panel of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association on a volunteer basis. According to her, blood pressure has no such effects for certain gender and it is possible to experience different types of health issues throughout the life of a woman that includes menopause, birth control, pregnancy, etc. Any of these can be a significant risk factor for high blood pressure in women, leading to stroke, if not controlled on time.

This time, health experts and medical practitioners have found an association between high blood pressure risks and increased use of birth control medicines. According to them, being overweight or having an underlying disease or even a history of blood pressure in the family can increase the chances of getting diagnosed with blood pressure. Moreover, smoking women who are on birth control pills are also at an increased risk of complications, if left uncontrolled.

Most doctors would agree that a woman’s health throughout her pregnancy typically represents her entire health in later years. So the chances of high blood pressure while being pregnant are linked with high chances of hypertension, heart diseases, or stroke later. All of the physical changes taking place in a woman’s body during her menopause also affect her chances of developing hypertension.

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Based on epidemiological data from CDC, it appears that Hispanic women and Black women may develop hypertension much early than women from other ethnic and racial groups.

The good part is that most of this is preventable meaning all the risk factors of high blood pressure in women can be avoided easily. Regular home management of blood pressure on a regular basis and getting medical help, whenever needed can save women from stroke and other complications later. Any changes in blood pressure that are over a healthy limit (120/80) should be conveyed to a doctor. Moreover, dietary and lifestyle changes may also significantly save them from further damage.



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