New reported coronavirus cases in Singapore, including community cases

coronavirus cases in singapore

On just June 3 coronavirus cases in Singapore have reached the number 569, this includes seven cases in the community.

Among the community cases, one is a permanent resident or Singaporean. The other six cases have work passes.

The remaining cases are made up of migrant workers living in dormitories. This brings coronavirus cases in Singapore up to a new number of 36,405.

The new 544 coronavirus cases emerging on Tuesday included 540 migrant workers who lived in dorms.

In the other remaining cases are an 81-year-old woman and three men who are all work pass holders.

The 81-year-old woman being the only Singaporean among the community cases reported tested positive on Tuesday. Last Friday symptoms became apparent to her. She has no link to other cases.

MOH says, out of 14 pre-school staff members, 12 have tested positive for coronavirus. Those who tested positive are thought to have got it from past infections. This data is backed by epidemiological investigations. Positive serological test results also confirm this.

39,000 preschool staff have also been tested, the findings show only one case to be likely a current infection. This was found after the patient was screened.

The new three clusters that are all dormitories were confirmed also on Tuesday. The areas are at 67 Tuas View Walk 2, 6 Tuas View Square, 65, and 18 Woodlands Industrial Park E1.

Other visited places by infected community cases in a list, included wet markets, supermarkets, hawker centers, and malls including Parkway Parade, Jurong Point, Junction 8, and Jem, Bukit Panjang Plaza.

The National Environment Agency will engage with the management of these premises to give guidance on disinfecting and cleaning the.

Avoiding these places is not necessary. 14 days from the date of visiting, however, people should monitor their health closely, said MOH. They emphasized visiting a doctor if they feel their sense of smell or taste vanishing and have respiratory symptoms or a fever.

Close contacts of those identified have been notified and informed, says the ministry.

Social distancing is one of the most important strategies to stop the spread of coronavirus. According to Dr. Cheong Koon Hean, Coronavirus cases in Singapore can best be limited if cities begin to rethink how they should space out their living as much as possible.

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On average, the daily coronavirus cases in the community has risen to six in the previous week, starting from five weeks before, said MOH.

According to MOH, The number of cases unlinked across the same time remains stable at 2 per day.

Thursday, 322 patients are discharged. This leads the number of recovered patients to reach 23,895.

Covid-19 complications have killed 24 people. 9 have died of other causes after testing positive for coronavirus.

Four new coronavirus cases in Singapore have sprung out in clusters in three dormitories including one worksite, this Thursday on June 4.

The new cases include two permanent residents, six people holding work passes, and seven with work permits.

The 15 cases were all men and were asymptomatic. They were swabbed after finding out they had been contacts of cases that had been confirmed before. These men are now placed in quarantine.

Among the 15 cases, 13 resided in a shophouse. This included a PR aged 78. The shophouse is located in Veerasamy Road where an earlier case was confirmed.

Among the shophouse residents, 3 have positive results from the serological test. They are found to be suffering from past infections. 8 of them have negative results from the test, meaning they have had contact from recent infections. Only two results are under process.

At large worldwide 6.3 million, coronavirus cases are confirmed. Global death counts stand at 380,000.

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