New Data Reveals that Coronavirus is Slowly Stepping Towards Africa

The coronavirus that emerged from Wuhan, China has now shaken the world with more than 7,000,000 cases. Out of these, nearly 200,000 cases are from Africa where this deadly virus is strengthening its steps. The World Health Organization (WHO) warn that the virus is heading towards Africa and it might take millions of deaths, if not controlled.

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti who is currently working as regional director of the World Health Organization in Africa said in an online briefing that the virus took less than 100 days to infect 100,000 people. While this number was doubled within 18 days which is surprising as well as worrisome. Not to forget, these are only the ‘reported’ cases and there might be many more that never made it to the healthcare units.

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This figure only makes 3% of the global coronavirus cases. However, knowing that this lies within Africa alone shows that the virus is spreading like anything.

To this day there are 5,692 deaths by a coronavirus in Africa, out of 216,775 positive cases.

It looks like that coronavirus in Africa is mainly more common around major cities. Medical experts believe that the international flights coming to Africa from Europe are responsible for this spread.

The World Health Organization reports that out of 54, 10 African countries are the worst hit by the virus. Nearly 80% of these 200,000 coronavirus cases in Africa are in these 10 countries.

South Africa is at the top of this list with 25% of these 200,000 coronavirus positive cases. Other countries have less than 1000 cases however the transmission rate is high in all countries.

About 70% of coronavirus deaths are from only five countries with the maximum number of these cases. These countries include South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, and Nigeria.

Again, there are only the ‘reported cases’ and there might be thousands other which are asymptomatic or mild. That’s why it is necessary to remember that this figure may not be the actual representation of coronavirus in Africa.

This death rate is somehow low than other countries i.e. US where thousands of people are dying due to this virus. One reason why coronavirus deaths are less frequent in Africa is because of the high proportion of younger people and previous experience of dealing with pandemics. The immediate action and plan by African countries were helpful to reduce these numbers at the start. But right now, it needs a more comprehensive plan to control coronavirus in Africa.

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Amazingly, the cases in African countries do not show an exponential growth like other European and Asian countries. It is the high time to get the hands-on coronavirus vaccine without which this pandemic would not end.

Otherwise, the whole world would have to live with this grave threat unless it ends on its own. While it is spreading to almost all parts of the world, the health of millions of people is at risk. It means that all countries including African countries should try taking strong measures in public health management to save people.



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