More Coronavirus Cases Reported from all Colleges that are Reopening after Lockdown

Coronavirus Cases

It’s only been a few days that US universities have re-opened their campuses for the new semester but it has led to thousands of coronavirus cases emerging from these universities. Reportedly it has affected students, teachers, and other staff equally.

The New York Times survey has reported a re-opening of 1,500 institutes. It reports n nearly 26,000 coronavirus cases and at least 64 deaths caused by this virus ever since the pandemic has started.

This re-emergence of the cases is now being reported everywhere. First, it was the University of Albania that reported nearly 1000 cases within one week of opening the university. Now other universities such as the University of North Carolina from Chapel Hill are also reporting new cases that urges the management to send all the students back home.

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Notre Dame has also canceled the in-person classes and is sending everyone at home after hundreds of students were tested positive. In addition to this, Clemson, Baylor, Louisville also many other divisions with university campuses are now closing their campuses and urging students to participate in online classes. These universities have also started massive testing of the virus among their students.

The plasma treatment to treat the chronic COVID-19 cases is still under consideration and the World Health Organization (WHO) states that this treatment is still in its experimental phase. If proven beneficial, it will pave grounds for the emergency approval of this treatment.

The situation of COVID-19 in the US is still being a challenge for everyone. This situation is not much different from other countries where people are still battling with this virus. India has now crossed the UK among the worst-hit countries list. Other countries include Brazil and Mexico which are still experiencing no decline in coronavirus cases.

To this day, there are more than 3.2 million COVID-19 cases in India and the death toll has increased 59,000. In Europe, the UK is the worst hit among all other countries.

Brazil is also among these highly affected countries and its 3.6 million cases are the highest after the US, with no hope of controlling the new cases. Russia is also in line with more than 968,000 cases according to the Hopkins tally.

On the other side, countries that were able to control the COVID-19 pandemic at the start i.e. New Zealand which had no new case in 100 days is also under the fire and at a high risk of new cases.

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Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s PM has increased the lockdown in all highly susceptible areas in Auckland. Although there is no spread of new cases according to Arden, this lockdown is necessary to make sure that it is not spreading. She also shared that the government has made it mandatory to wear a mask and follow other standard precautions while being in public.

The cases of COVID-19 have crossed 23.9 million in all parts of the world. John Hopkins has reported that are at least 820,000 deaths but it only accounts for the official deaths. There are high chances that the real number of cases is much more than this implying the pandemic is still far away from an end.


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