Man Drinking His Own Urine as a Part of a Bizarre Urine Therapy “Shivambu Kalpa”

urine therapy Shivambu Kalpa

The 26- years old man from Germany says he has never felt better than he feels after starting a weird urine therapy called Shivambu Kalpa. Surprisingly, he consumes up to 7 pints of urine every day in order to stay fit and active. He also suggests everyone try drinking their own urine at least once.

Jan Schünemann consumes his urine using his nose, ears, and eyes and says this is the best thing that he has ever done. Working as a sports coach from Hamburg, Jan is following a strange type of urine therapy called Shivambu Kalpa which has reportedly changed his entire life.

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He also rubs his urine to his skin by dabbing, saying it helps in the natural healing of the body. Jan was introduced to this bizarre therapy back in 2017 all by himself which has helped his body to self-sustain without using anything else.

He says that he never got sick even for once just because he is drinking his urine every day. He came to know about Shivambu Kalpa online and was immediately influenced by it. It was hard to start using it but after a few times, he became perfectly comfortable with it and decided to continue it.

Initially, he felt that he is stressed and not connected to his true self which is why this urine therapy called Shivambu Kalpa was a real help for him. It has helped him greatly to discover his own potential and energy which has directly helped him feel better about himself.

Jan says that the reason he was attracted to Shivambu Kalpa is that he always wanted some remedial thing to improve his health. Being natural, easily accessible, and readily available this urine therapy was probably the best remedy for him.

The urine therapy also comes with another bonus which is that it costs absolutely nothing. Unlike other super expensive healthcare products, this therapy is free and not just for him, its free for everyone.

The taste of urine changes at different times of the day and there is not one fixed taste, he says. The human body tries to maintain and balance its fluids and distills different types of materials so the taste is never identical.

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Jan drinks his urine daily and not just through the mouth, he puts it in his eyes, ears, nose, and rubs on his skin. Ever since he is following Shivambu Kalpa, he is avoiding all junk and fat diets. He says that urine works like a natural vaccination which keeps him safe from pathogenic attacks.

He advises new users to drink urine through the glass and when they get comfortable, they should try it on the primary sensory portals and cleanse the skin.

Jan says he never got sick even for once ever since he is on this urine therapy. He recommends everyone to try it at least once without hesitation and embarrassment. It is like accepting yourself and healing the body in the most natural way. But there are very rare cases of people practicing urine therapy Shivambu Kalpa openly like this case.


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