It is Possible to Get an Hourglass Body Without Surgery

Hourglass body Without Surgery

Do you adore the perfect hourglass body shape that everywhere on billboards, celebrities, influencers, and magazines? The first thing that hits the mind is that it needs tons of money and a good cosmetic surgeon to achieve these results. But what if someone tells you that you can get an hourglass body without undergoing any surgery?

Many celebrities from classic i.e. Marilyn Monroe to modern i.e. Kim Kardashian have an hourglass body. But it is hard to believe that this figure is attainable without going under the knife. While many plastic surgeons have revealed how they perform a full-body sculpture and define a curve, it seems like surgery is the only option to get an hourglass body.

But the truth is that it doesn’t necessarily need surgery or a doctor. It is better to invest in a good personal trainer than a plastic surgeon for safer, and long-term benefits. If a woman just wants to tone the body it is achievable through exercise alone but it is not a good idea to build unrealistic goals from exercises that are often an outcome of multiple surgical procedures.

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The first thing that you need to get an hourglass body without surgery is to find a strong motivation for putting effort into it. This hourglass body is not effortless, although many women are just born with it. For others, it is diet, sweat, and hours spent at workout which only seems real if there is a strong motivation behind it.

Like weight loss, getting an hourglass just by changing your lifestyle is impossible and requires special care. It is a sum of good dietary choices, lifestyle changes, and specific exercises to get that body look.

An hourglass figure means having a small waist, larger shoulders, and a broader pelvis. So the areas that need attention are the upper body, waist, glutes, and hips.

Doing a focused workout will help to get results faster and the duration that it will take to get an hourglass body without surgery depends upon a person’s natural body shape. It is already curvy, it may not take much effort. But going from lean to hourglass may take many months.

Spot reduction is not possible and most of the time, the amount of weight loss is the total body weight loss. However, some exercises focus on specific body parts which is helpful to get an hourglass figure. For example.

Waist trimming can be achieved through yoga, planks, and HIIT exercises. Studies show that 12 weeks spent in yoga can help to reduce 1.5-2 inches off the waist in women, followed by a low-calorie diet. Other stability exercises such as planks can activate the core muscles and trim the waistline.

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Exercises like squats and fire hydrants can help to build the midsection of the body. It will burn fat in the lower body and tone the muscles, especially glutes and thighs. In addition to these lunges can also help to achieve lean thighs and hips.

For most women, toning the muscles from shoulders and building bust is the most difficult thing. But the good thing is that it’s not completely impossible. Some people may not believe this but it is also possible to increase the bust size by following simple exercises without getting the implants. Certain exercises like wall press and push-ups can help to tone muscles and increase the bust.

In addition to exercise, pay attention to the diet and prefer eating healthy. Spanx and body shapers can give temporary results but for the long term, only exercise and diet can help.

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