Is this New Chinese Flu-Like virus in Pigs another Coronavirus?

New Chinese Flu-Like virus

There is no news of ending the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and another new Chinese flu-like virus is recently identified in pigs. The researcher says that this new virus could also be deadly like coronavirus if transmitted. However, there is no news of this virus inside a human host.

The Chinese researchers say that this new virus’s transmission to humans is only possible if it undergoes some mutations. In that case, it could be a disaster and the world be in another pandemic along with the on-going outbreak.

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Previously, the coronavirus outbreak from China has spread to the whole world which was initially thought to be ‘flu’. Considering this same for this new Chinese flu-like virus in pigs some people assume that it might be another strain of coronavirus. However, there is no official statement in this regard.

It doesn’t look like an immediate problem but it ‘can’ be a  problem in the coming months. The medical experts suggest close monitoring of infected pigs to understand this virus and plan its vaccine or treatment before it infects humans.

Just like coronavirus, this virus is also new and people have zero immunity against it. This study, which is now published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” tells that this virus needs special control measures. And it might include imposing a hold at the swine industry.

This new virus is similar to the Influenza virus which is one of the deadliest pathogens in the world. Contrary to popular belief, the flu takes millions of lives everywhere and still is a big problem in terms of public health.

The last flu pandemic which was Swine Flu of 2009 was less fatal than the current coronavirus. It is because many people had a herd immunity against it. However, in the case of coronavirus, there is so such thing which is causing it to take lives worldwide.

The next pandemic, if it is caused by this new Chinese flu-like virus would be even deadlier than coronavirus.

This new Chinese flu-like virus is very much similar to the Swine flu virus from 2009’s pandemic. However, there are some mutations in it. researchers are right now collecting the pigs containing this virus to try them with tests and understand this virus before it possesses a threat to humans.

Meanwhile, it is the right time to take charge and follow the recommendations of the local health department and CDC on tackling a pandemic. The world is surely not ready for another pandemic and for this, people and government both should take responsibility.

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The current flu vaccine has failed against coronavirus and for this new virus, they are most likely to be ineffective too. All researchers are distracted from any other potential threat as they are busy investigating the coronavirus which is a bigger problem currently.

But this new virus should not be ignored anyways.

It is normal for the flu virus to mutate, even the regular influenzas virus keeps on changing every year, which is why the vaccine has to be upgraded annually as well. Without the vaccine there might be an influenza pandemic as well, hence the need for vaccine development is highest, not just for coronavirus but also against this new Chinese virus.


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