Is it Necessary to Follow Standard COVID-19 Guidelines after Getting its Vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccine

Most people associate the idea of a ‘normal life’ with the COVID-19 vaccine and now that it is finally here, new questions on Covid guidelines are raised. While a majority of them believe that they can roam around freely after taking the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, but that’s not true.

Health experts have warned all people even those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine to follow the standard precautionary measurements like those without a vaccine. It includes wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing, no matter which vaccine have they received.

The reason is that the clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines have targeted their efficacy for the vaccine receiver, in case of an attack. There is no testing of this vaccine’s effect on other people, around these vaccine receivers. In addition to that, there is no information on whether these vaccinated people can still get infected or can infect others around them. So, the following precautions are still mandatory even if a person has received a vaccine.

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The vaccine doesn’t ensure 100% safety and guarantees not to get coronavirus. Despite all researches and trials, it is the first time that this virus is here and the possibilities associated with these vaccines are unlimited. It could be anything or nothing at all.

Some health experts have also warned that even after receiving two shots of vaccine, it is still possible to get an asymptomatic infection. So if a person is not wearing a facemask or not practicing social distancing, there are high chances that he is transmitting it to everyone. Whether a person has received the COVID-19 vaccine or not, these precautions are the same for everyone.

Those who have received the vaccination and are wearing a face mask and maintaining a social distancing are not just protecting themselves but others too. It will save others to contract the virus, even any of these vaccine receivers have an asymptomatic infection.

The maximum that this vaccine can work is up to 95% but even in this case, there is a 5% possibility of contracting the virus. Also, this is just one vaccine that is offering 95% efficiency, most others are 70% efficient which leaves a huge margin to still contract virus.

There are chances that some states are relaxing social distancing rules. But these relaxations may be more harmful to some groups like older adults and minority groups who are at higher risk of contracting the virus.

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But if these vulnerable groups are vaccinated on a priority basis and then these rules are relaxed, the hospitalizations and deaths can be controlled. But without these further preventive measures, relaxing the social distancing rules would be a bad idea, according to health experts.

Coronavirus pandemic which started from a small town in China has shaken the whole world and is now regarded as one of the worst pandemics in human history. Despite passing nearly one year in this pandemic, there is still uncertainty of how is the future holding for us. This availability of the COVID-19 vaccine is only a small success. It might take some more time to check the efficiency and response of this vaccine on the public. Till then, it is necessary to follow all standard precautions shared by health experts on controlling the viral spread, with or without receiving the vaccine.



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