How Can the US Presidential Elections Affect Coronavirus pandemic

2020 US presidential elections

The 2020 US presidential elections are going to be held within less than eight weeks in the country. With the date of the event coming nearer, the majority of the adults in the US are reporting higher stress levels than ever before. According to health experts, there is a serious need to take measures to control stress as it can lead to multiple health consequences.

Anxiety and stress regarding political elections is nothing new. People from around the world ponder over and think about how the results of elections are going to affect all spheres of their life and future.

Instead of thinking about the positive changes that may come if the preferred candidate wins, people tend to think more about the opposite. More precisely, just like most people, Americans are more concerned about the future of the country after the results of the elections are announced.

Out of all, those from lower socio-economic backgrounds are more affected as the political changes that may come within a few weeks can affect their financial situation, educational plan, and source of income.

While healthy discussion around the selection of a candidate and associated positive effects and drawbacks is encouraged, it is also important to remember to control stress levels and not overthink the entire situation as it can do more harm than good.

According to research, high-stress levels are linked to a number of health conditions ranging from an increase in inflammation to life-threatening conditions, including cardiovascular events such as having a heart attack.

All previous presidential elections have also been stressful for the majority of the Americans but this year’s election’s are worrying mental health experts from all over the country.

Although political changes are bound to lead to an increase in the frequency of anxiety attacks and overthinking, the 2020’s elections are more stressful than before due to other events happening along with it.

Currently, the major cause of worry is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has been worsening instead of improving in the US day by day. At the moment, the country also has the highest number of cases around the world.

The health crisis is said to influence and play a big role in voting turnout and the results. So far, most of the people have not been happy with the current government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This can affect voting for Donald Trump, who is the current President of the US, and a candidate for the 2020 US presidential elections as well.

For people who have expressed disappointment regarding the government’s management of the pandemic, the greatest worry is the re-electing of President Trump as that may worsen the crisis in the country even further.

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While it is not known which one of the candidates will win, mental health experts encourage people to limit political discussions. Talking about the stress and tension related to the elections can help and is recommended.

However, arguing over conflicting political views and constantly debating does not good and will only elevate stress levels further, leading to negative health outcomes.

In addition, health experts also suggest that people maintain their healthy routines and engage in more exercise and mindful activities such as yoga.

Such practices are not only good for health and curbing stress but can also make people more open to different political perspectives and prevent conflicts.

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