Frequent Dine Outs May Cause an Early Death

early death

Dinning out with friends, or loved ones is probably the most famous hang-out ritual all around the world. But not many people know that it is directly linked with many potential health comes. The latest study has identified the link between frequently dining out and the risk of early death, by any cause. It reveals that ignoring home-cooked meals and dining out frequently reduces years from your life and subjects your health to a number of dangers.

The complete study findings are published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, under Elsevier.

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Dine out has always been a popular activity but according to the US Department of Agriculture, this trend has increased from 17% to 34% from 1977 to 2012. The number and variety of eateries have also increased and the restaurant industry as a whole has also reported a massive increase.

Although some of these eateries are providing super healthy and high-quality meals but many other popular eateries especially the fast-food chains have an inferior quality as compared to the home-cooked meals. The evidence on this outside food suggests that it has a high amount of fat, salt, and artificial ingredients but low nutritious value.  In addition, they use almost no fruit, sugar, fiber, or antioxidants inside.

This evidence is still limited and this aspect needs further investigation but frequently dining out increases the likelihood of chronic diseases for example diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc. But there is no way to exactly estimate the risk of death by eating outside food.

In this study, the research team examined the data obtained from 35,000 adults through face-to-face data collection. This data was a part of the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey 1999-2014 where all the respondents were asked to provide information about their dietary habits, such as the number of meals prepared at the home and outside their home.

This data was compared to the death records looking for cardiovascular events, cancer, and metabolic events that led to mortality. The follow-up confirmed nearly 2.781 deaths, where 511 people died of cardiovascular complications and 638 deaths were reported with cancer.

The research team adjusted the variable factors such as age, gender, race, dietary habits, lifestyle factors, BMI, socioeconomic positioning to understand how dining out may be linked with early death. Those who used to eat at least two meals per day from outside reported a higher mortality rate as compared to those who barely ate any outside food.

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This study is one of the preliminary pieces of evidence suggesting how eating out may shorter the lifespan and quality of life. These findings indicate that frequent dine-outs bring adverse health effects, hence this trend should be controlled before it affects more people.

The research team emphasizes eating home-based meals more than dine-outs. These meals prepared commercially are neither healthy nor nutritious. Hence people should prefer eating home-cooked meals if they want to live longer, healthier lives.

Further studies will confirm how frequent dine-outs affect cardiovascular health, Alzheimer’s, dementia, obesity, and many other chronic conditions.

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