First Case Of Deadly Virus From China Reported in the US

Recently, the first case of the potentially life-threatening virus which has been taking lives in China has been diagnosed in Washington. According to the latest updates, the man is currently hospitalized near Seattle and not in any kind of danger.

Currently, countries around the world are trying to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus from China by monitoring people traveling from the affected areas which include Central and Eastern China.

Till now, there have been reports of over six deaths and approximately three hundred confirmed cases of the coronavirus in China. The outbreak originally began in Wuhan in Central China.

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Following other countries, health officials from the United States have started checking and screening passengers from Wuhan in the three main airports in the country including Los Angeles airport, New York City’s JFK airport, and San Fransico airport.

Following the confirmation of the diagnosis of coronavirus in Washington, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that screenings will continue. In addition, it added that Atlanta airport and Chicago’s O’Hare airport will soon have checking stations as well.

Thirdly, passengers from Wuhan may only be allowed to enter the United States only via these five airports soon. This decision has been deemed mandatory for the prevention of the spread of the lethal coronavirus.

The newly diagnosed case of the man is being monitored in the Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett. The man will also have to remain in isolation for at least a week.

In accordance with the reports, the man showed no visible symptoms immediately after his arrival in the US on Tuesday. It was only on Thursday where the man experienced signs similar to that of the common cold and consulted a doctor on the following Sunday.

After undergoing particular lab tests, it was confirmed that the man had been affected by the coronavirus currently circulating in China. However, CDC health official Dr. Nancy Messonnier states that the man is healthy at the moment.

The CDC has also sent a team of health professionals to Washington to examine staff members from the hospital as well as any other people who had possibly come in contact with the infected man.

Even though the virus has entered the country, US officials emphasize that the risk of the spread of the virus is still very low. Hence, it is not a moment of ‘panic’ or a public health emergency.

It should also be noted that the newly discovered coronavirus in China was only identified recently only in this month. In fact, the leading coronavirus researchers from the University of Washington, David Veesler, comments that China has been fast and efficient in the identification, isolation, and sequencing of the virus.

If this speed of progression is maintained, the virus will be controlled and treated accordingly in China and the rest of the countries around the world. Till then, people are only recommended to consult a doctor as soon as they notice the condition’s initial signs for early diagnosis and treatment.


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