Coronavirus is Back Again, China issues a National “War” Emergency

Coronavirus is Back

All recreational events in Beijing are forced shut and there is a high possibility of another lockdown in the entire city. The BBC confirmed that coronavirus is back in china as new cases of the deadly virus emerged from another wholesale market. This is just like how it emerged for the first time in December when Wuhan’s seafood market was under criticism for spreading the virus. However, this time the government is taking immediate action.

Reportedly, the traces of coronavirus are also identified on a ‘chopping board’ used to cut salmon fish in the wholesale market. It is highly unlikely that the salmon fish is causing coronavirus re-emergence. It shows that it could be the person who was using this board who is spreading it.

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This news has made Chinese health officials worried again. It is almost impossible to completely shut the operation of the Xin Da Di market. More than 80% supply of the entire city comes from this market. And shutting it means that the vegetable and meat supply to Beijing would be affected. However, considering the severity of the last coronavirus wave, the Chinese authorities have declared a “war” emergency situation. This emergency is much likely to put the entire district in a lockdown soon.

In addition to this, the officials conducted massive testing for coronavirus in people who were in this market. Surprisingly, 45 people, out of 517 tested individuals report another novel coronavirus. There are videos circulating on social media showing armed police heading towards the Xin Fi Di market in Beijing.

This whole situation is interesting because there was no single case of coronavirus in the last two months here. On the other side, the number of coronavirus patients was rising every day in other parts of the world. This recent case of new coronavirus cases in Bejing might mean that the pandemic is taking another start. This time, the Chinese health experts are responding swiftly and planning all possible measures that might help its control.

The local authorities confirm that there are many new cases of coronavirus in the last few days. Surprisingly, all cases of them somehow has links with this local wholesale market. The 45 positive cases from the 500 tests might not be a striking figure but having these positive cases means that there would soon be a hike if not controlled.

This testing excludes those which don’t exhibit any symptoms. But there is a bright chance that there are so many asymptomatic coronavirus patients among these people as well. Regardless of how far it goes, it definitely seems like that the coronavirus is back in china.

As per the Chinese standard of identifying coronavirus patients, the patients without symptoms are not a part of confirmed cases, unless they show the typical signs or test as positive. Still, the medical community is alert because the wholesale market has thousands of workers. It means that the infection transmission rate might be much more than what it looks from only 45 positive cases.

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 Epidemiological studies suggest that Beijing should abruptly take strict measures before the situation goes out of the hands. First, it should expand the screening tests. And second, try to include all those who interact with the market or the workers daily.

After watching how coronavirus is back in China, the local authorities have closed many parts of the market as well as many other markets in the city. The nearby schools are closing for some days. All the residential areas are following special precautions and keep a check on all visitors.

The war emergency mode after coronavirus is back in China might help this virus to hit the population for the second time. While other parts of China are reporting a decline in cases, this new potential hub of coronavirus might re-emerge the disease, risking the health of millions of people.


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