Cleveland Clinic and League Inc Are Collaborating to Offer More Health Benefits to Employees

Recently, League Inc. and Cleveland clinic have announced a collaboration that will provide a better healthcare management system for all employees across North America. This joint venture will combine the technology of League with the research and clinical skills of the Cleveland Clinic for added health benefits.

Both of the collaborators are well-known in their respective fields. Cleveland Clinic has remained a constant part of the list of the best hospital and medical services providers in the United States. It is a nonprofit, multispecialty, academic medical center that has also been the hub for many medical discoveries and research. This includes performing the first face transplant and coronary artery bypass.

On the other hand, League Inc is among the most advanced data-driven healthcare operating system in the country which gives its users a better understanding of how to manage health and related issues by giving a platform consisting of HRIS systems, insurances, and much more. Some of its customers include Lush Cosmetics, Uber, Unilever, and Shopify.

According to Mike Serbinis, the CEO of the league, a vast majority of the people need personalized plans especially when it comes to health especially the employees as healthcare benefits are often complex and misunderstood by many.

With developments in other work-related benefits and plans, healthcare systems need updates as well. However, in the health sector, The US tends to be behind in terms of advancements.

Therefore, the partnership between Cleveland and League makes the way for a completely new experience for all employees in the country. It will combine both technology and expertise and proficiency which will, in turn, give the users a ‘digital doctor’.

The directions on the medical program presented on League will be managed directly by a team of experts from Cleveland.  The Chief of Operations of Cleveland Clinics, Bill Peacock, states that League works with many companies that are primarily dedicated to bringing about a positive in the healthcare system of employees.

Cleveland is yet another company that joins hands with League and provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the clients. Such a venture can possibly completely change the people react to and interact with healthcare tools, services, benefits, and information.

Surprisingly, the majority of people only possess limited knowledge of their own health issues. Hence, an initiative that educates them about not only their current health problems but also about potential issues in the future.

At the moment, there are no programs that cover all big parts of health or provide solutions with the problems. Collaborative efforts of Cleveland and League are, therefore, a need of time.

The collaboration is overseen by Mike Kessel, the CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic Canada according to whom the partnership may be one of the most highly effective ways to improve the lives of people.

This new collaboration mainly aims to increase employer engagement with healthcare services and along with education on healthcare. Consequently, many of the employees, especially from the working class, will learn more about how to improve their health outcomes via the use of a single technological hub.


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