Chinese Traditional Medicine May Cure Coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus infection has caused concern in different regions around the world from Western countries to Asian countries. Recently, China’s leading media outlet, Xinhua has reported that the Chinese Academy of Sciences may have found a cure to coronavirus.

At the moment, the number of cases of the infection is rapidly increasing, the majority of the governments are considering to take drastic measures to cut down the risk of the virus spreading to their particular countries.

According to the latest reports, there is now a widespread danger of the coronavirus epidemic affecting the international relations amongst China and other countries and even trade.

To stop this from happening, the health experts from the World Health Organization have also had meetings with Chinese government officials.

Till now transport within China, especially on longer routes, has been prohibited with the city of Wuhan, which is also the most severely affected region within the country, being cut off completely.

At an international level, more and more airlines are delaying flights to all airports across China for cutting down the risk of further spread of the coronavirus infection.

Some countries have gone as far as to announce public holidays from educational institutes and offices, including most of China’s neighboring countries including Mongolia, which has recently announced the temporary closing of the Mongolia-Chinese crossing until the risk of coronavirus infection goes down.

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However, a number of health experts from China have stated that the epidemic will soon reach its peak in the few upcoming days and then will continue to decrease at a global level.

Till then, people are advised to follow certain health guidelines from the World Health Organization including cutting down traveling, washing hands, maintaining distance from an infected person and limiting time outdoors as well as reporting any symptoms on time.

For people who have already been infected, there is an increase in research on how to manage the disease effectively with appropriate medication.

The announcement made recently by the Chinese Academy of Sciences has had people rushing to pharmacies in search of  ‘Shuanghuanglian’, which is now considered a natural remedy to cure symptoms of coronavirus.

Chinese Traditional Medicine has been a part of China for over three thousand years. It is also recognized worldwide and by the WHO, which is why a vast majority of people still prefer going for conventional medication instead of modern medicine.

Additionally, the Chinese government is also seen to be promoting the use of Chinese Traditional Medicine in the past few years. It may also plan on making CTM a part of the official healthcare system of the country.

However, in the case of coronavirus, many health experts do not suggest using traditional medicine without proper medical guidance. Secondly, the use of traditional medicine for the treatment of coronavirus has also received backlash from experts in Europe.

Since CTM does not have any strong medical evidence, no leading experts suggest using it for coronavirus infection as it may cause side effects and increase the problem.


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