China Unveils its COVID-19 Vaccine for the World

COVID-19 Vaccine

China is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and naturally, the whole world expected it to be the first one to find its cure. Now it has disclosed the first-ever COVID-19 vaccine made by Chinese scientists implying that it may be the more effective vaccine as compared to the others.

This new COVID-19 vaccine by China has increased hopes which were finally put on for public display by two leading companies Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm at Beijing Trade Fair this week.

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This vaccine is not yet made to the markets but the companies are hopeful that they will be available as soon as they get approval after their phase 3 trials by the end of this year. Reportedly, the companies have already built their vaccine production unit which is all set to prepare millions of vaccines per year.

These vaccines are immensely welcomed by attendants and visitors at the Beijing trade fair. There are chances that the introduction of these highly efficient vaccines will help China save its face from the world and make it escape the international criticism of allegedly leaking the virus and mishandling the pandemic.

The Chinese media reports that Wuhan, the site where this pandemic began is returning back to normal. The government is taking all measures to control the coronavirus cases including mass testing of individuals.

Earlier this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that if the Chinese were able to make a vaccine against the virus, not only it would be beneficial for Chinese but for the whole world.

These new COVID-19 vaccines made by China are now in their phase three trials which are typically the last step towards getting approval. Once these trials are passed, the vaccines will be available readily. But it all depends upon the phase three results.

The local media reported that the companies won’t set a hefty amount for these vaccines. The purpose of vaccine development is to help people not to take economic advantage out of a public health crisis. There are also chances that the government may start the coronavirus vaccination program free for all citizens but right now, nothing is clear.

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Ideally, the two dosages of the COVID-19 vaccine should cost less than 1000 yuan (China’s currency) which makes nearly 146 USD. But the companies have not shared any details on the price of these vaccines yet.

On the other side, The Chinese military researchers are working with the mutated coronavirus strain, hoping to find a vaccine that can help against the mutated versions. In addition to the Chinese vaccines, many other countries and companies are trying hard to develop the same vaccine. Many Governments have pre-booked vaccines from leading pharma companies. But there are chances that these vaccines may not be available by the mid of 2021. Once these vaccines are available, they can be compared in terms of efficacy and safety. At this time, it is hard to predict the availability, price, or efficacy of these vaccines.




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