Can Goggles Save a Person from Coronavirus?

goggles save from coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised people to follow good hand hygiene and use protective coverings to save from coronavirus. These coverings may include a face mask, face shield, goggles, and protective bodysuit. While face masks and face shields still look ‘relevant’, people are unsure if these goggles can save them from the virus.

Most people believe that face masks, either the medical-grade masks or the cloth mask are enough to protect them from the virus. But wearing a face mask and goggles provide an added benefit, however, it may not be true in all cases.

A recent study reveals that wearing a mask is one of the most important factors to control the spread of coronavirus. Another research finds that additional gears such as goggles and face shields can provide more protection.

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Nearly 18.6 million from various parts of the world are infected with coronavirus and more than 700,000 people have lost their lives to it. So far, the US is the worst-hit country by this pandemic followed by Russia, Brazil, and India. The official statistics have shaken after the lockdown is lifted and various places are reopened.

In July, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci shared with media that US citizens should consider using the face shields and the goggles to contract coronavirus. He didn’t say that goggles should be used in place of the mask, he only emphasized using them for extra protection. So does this mean one can get coronavirus from eyes?

A  report from the JAMA Ophthalmology reveals that coronavirus may sometimes spread through the eyes. But this risk is only high in hospitals where coronavirus positive patients are kept. The viral particles from the cough or sneeze can land to the mucous membranes in the eys and highly likely to infect them.

These mucosal linings are found in the mouth, eyes, and nose. This transmission through eyes is rare but still, why should anyone take a chance in the first place. Still, Dr. Fauci finds wearing goggles can protect transmission through the eyes.

Goggles can protect some specific groups of people more than the rest. It means not everyone in this entire world needs to wear goggles. It’s just an added protection which should be followed by those who really need it. For others, wearing a simple face mask will help.

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He regarded people residing in the high concentration areas or working in departments involving public-facing should try wearing goggles. The hospital staff, in particular, needs to wear everything that it takes to contract the virus from confirmed coronavirus patients.

All these things suggest that goggles are helpful to avoid getting the virus. However, they are not advised for the common public like face masks. Dr. Fauci strengthening the benefits of wearing goggles while dealing with public shows that it is a helpful tip because it’s coming from a health expert and public health figure.

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