California Man Practicing Human Cannibalism on his Dead Grandmother

Human cannibalism

The police were called at a home in Richmond, California at around 2 pm on Monday after reports of suspicious activity of human cannibalism. A call was made to the 911 to report a scene in a residential area on 1200 block of Club Court, Richmond.

The officers upon reaching the home, found a 37-year-old man, Dwayne Wallick standing on the dead body of an old woman. The body of the woman was covered with blood when he was found in the act of cannibalism. It was a horrific sight for the officers who reached the residence of David Wallick.

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He allegedly killed his grandmother by straddling over her. The 90-year-old woman, Ruby Wallick was pronounced dead and Dwayne Wallick was charged with the murder of his grandmother.

The cause of her death will be revealed after the autopsy. The paramedics reached the site of murder and it was informed that Ruby had flesh pieces missing from her body due to suspected human cannibalism. The officers say that they found David eating her flesh when they reached the house. The tried to stop him but he continued eating her. It is not yet clear if he murdered her before that.

According to the spokesperson Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy, Wallick was reportedly found injuring his grandmother when the police found him. The police restrained David forcefully by using a stun gun taser on him. The suspect was taken for a medical examination to the hospital and he has some injuries. The suspect has not been taken to jail yet.

Wallick was forcefully handcuffed by the police as he was resisting them. He was taken to a hospital afterward due to his undescribed injuries. The police are investigating if he drugged his grandmother to kill her. The motive behind the murder is still unclear. The case of cannibalism will be handed over to the District Attorney by the police. The suspect is expected to be filed for murder charges of his grandmother.

The police have revealed that both Ruby and his grandson lived in the same residence at the Club Court in Richmond.

The case is still under investigation but some people on Twitter are convinced that the case reflects the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. The behavior of the suspect is strikingly similar to that of a flesh-eating zombie.

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People have been commenting that in light of what has been going on in 2020, they will not be surprised if a zombie apocalypse happens. An Emmy award-winning journalist commented on Twitter that she is done if this how a zombie apocalypse happens this year. Some users also said that they are afraid this year will end with zombies taking over.

The detectives are investigating the case which appears to be a murder leading to human cannibalism. Further details will be revealed after more investigation into the matter. The suspect is in the custody of the police and he will be tried for the murder of his grandmother. However, the intentions behind this murder are not yet known.


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