Bizarre Feminine Hygiene Products that are too Risky to Try

bizarre feminine hygiene products

The internet is full of catchy products especially related to women’s health. It is easy to fall for a product that provides benefits that no one was even imagining. But doctors are concerned about the safety levels of such products because most of them don’t provide a safe level or risk evaluation report to the potential buyers to assess the risks. Here is a description of bizarre feminine hygiene products that should not be experimented on the vagina.

Vaginal sticks

These sticks promise to tighten the vagina and these sticks are sold commonly everywhere. Women should pay attention to what a product claims because this way it will give an idea about its originality. While there are programs focused on vaginal training, a product inserting which inside the vagina offering the same benefit which people may achieve through targeted exercise is no less than a con.

Contrary to the popular belief, the tightness of the vagina doesn’t ensure pleasure but still if someone wants tightness, it’s better to try the strength-building exercises i.e. Kegel exercise.

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Weed for vagina

Now weed is something that is typically smoked but weed for the vagina is also popular on the internet in various forms such as weed-infused tampons, weed-based lubes, and even vibrators. While smoking the weed is associated with pleasing benefits, the same cannot be achieved by inserting it inside the body.

CBD inside weed is helpful in overcoming pain, and it is proven by research. However, it doesn’t mean that it will also benefit the vagina.

Vaginal bleaching

The darkening of the vagina is a big reason why the vaginal fairness product is high in demand. People try these vaginal bleaching products at spas, salons, and also at home. But bleaching products for the vagina are one of the bizarre feminine hygiene products because they can cause cuts, swelling, irritation, and infections i.e. vaginosis.

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Oak galls for vagina

Oak galls are tiny bark pieces that are formed by wasp larvae inserted into an oak tree. The formation of this weird product should trigger everyone to the question; why should anyone insert that bark of larvae in a vagina?

Some online sellers are arguing that these oak galls after boiling and grinding cause the vagina to tighten naturally and dryness.

Dr. Jen Gunter, certified gynecologist cays that dryness caused by such a product could affect sex, making it more complicated and also possess a risk for sexual health. She has called these products potential harm for the vagina which is why using such bizarre feminine hygiene products is never a good idea.

Vaginal cleaning soaps and liquids

Health care experts warn women not to use soap, body wash, and facewash around the intimate areas even for cleaning purposes. Vagina cleans itself automatically and using any product can change its pH. Using any cleaning product even if they are made especially for the vagina is a bad idea as it will add risk for bacterial infections.

Note; the description only provides an outlook of the product and is not using any product name. These products are available under various names or made by different companies. It is the buyer’s responsibility to look for the description of a product and understand how it works before making a decision on its purchase.


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