Birthing health clinics are scrambling for capital in the US

Most of the leaders that provide cutting-edge health care concerning reproduction are facing a delirious scenario across the country. The recipients that grant the Title X family planning programs do not offer an affordable birth control program anymore. There is a highly likely chance that the Title X program might follow the latest rule that originates from Trump’s administration.

The new rule from Trump’s administration came into being in February. By the looks of it, the law bars the grantees of the Title X program not to let the patients refer to the abortion providers. The new provision also indicated that the patients might receive care in a compromised manner.

The worst-case scenario is that abortion providers would refuse to assist. The reason why the providers would refuse to assist in an abortion program is to save millions in terms of funds. The providers would instead try to serve the higher purpose of providing reproductive services ranging from pregnancy tests to the scanning of cervical cancer.

In America, the planned parenthood serves almost 40% of the total Title X patients, and this is why there is a dire situation for the people who seek abortion across the US. Earlier this week, Monday was the last day in agreeing to the new rule by Trump’s administration. Moreover, the organization also said that it would withdraw from conventional Title X by declining to abide by the extremely unethical regulation by Trump.

Alexis Johnson, the CEO and acting president of PPFA, said that they want their patients to know that Trump gave up on them. However, the association will never give up on their patients. Johnson also said that their doors were, are and always will be wide open for their patients around the US.

The primary concern is not in keeping the doors open for the patients rather how they will achieve an impossible task. Most of the clinics that come under the PPFA said that they would not face any problem initially. Instead, in the long run, they will face severe difficulties when it comes to treating their patients. Another concern that the associations are facing is that in the long term, what problems will they go through if Trump’s administration doesn’t abolish the rule.

Even if the association knocks on the door of the federal court, there will be no benefit whatsoever. Moreover, the reason is that the policy is entirely legitimate, and now, things cannot go back to how they used to be before.

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