Binge-watching TV Shows Can Cause Heart Attack, Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity

Binge-watching TV

A new study reveals that adhering to the TV, binge-watching TV shows can cause severe health problems in people and this risk is extremely high if someone is spending too much time at home.

Falling into this trap of binge-watching TV shows is extremely easy. The world is right in between summer and the on-going pandemic is making people stay at home. They have nothing else to do except staying indoor and sticking to the screens.

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But this is not a problem until one season ends and you start another one. Several shows end and many others start and before you can realize, you are addicted to it. Is this TV addiction real? Do people still do that?

Although binge-watching TV was not such a significant problem before the pandemic as this virus has changed many things it has also changed lifestyle and habits. Spending hours in front of the screens is promoting a sedentary lifestyle which brings a number of health problems such as heart disease diabetes and hypertension along with it.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association explains that people who recognize themselves as African American adults spending more than four hours per day in front of the TV are at a higher risk of premature death. This risk was 50% higher than people from other origins and those who spend fewer hours in front of the TV.

This study investigated 3,592 adult participants, and this data was obtained from the Jackson Heart Study.

Normally, watching TV for two hours or less time per day is considered healthy but it is not healthy when it changes to fourteen hours per day or even more than that. However, it is still possible to enjoy your favorite TV shows by specifying a time for exercise and following a healthy diet.

The final results of this study reveal that people involved in light to moderate physical activity i.e. spending more than 150 hours every week while still watching TV for long hours had a lesser risk of getting heart diseases.

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So the big question here is; is watching TV bad for your health? Not really, the Jeanette Garcia, from the University of Central Florida, the lead other of this study finds its not the TV but TV habits that determine this risk. Watching it for long hours surely possesses some risks for heart health which is certainly higher than working from a desk and other habits.

Her press release tells that the real issue is not the TV but the sedentary lifestyle which increases the risk for certain diseases. For example, it increases the risk of obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes, she says.

It is not necessary to watch TV shows without compromising your health. This inactive lifestyle should not be a problem if someone wants to watch TV. In most cases, this TV watching habit is a string while eating a meal. So after finishing the meal, people dig themselves into the sofa or bed and spend hours watching any TV show.  It is unhealthy and combining it with a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk even more. It is better to eat small, healthy meals several times a day.




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