Before the Year is over 250,000 Americans may die of Coronavirus, says Health Expert

mortality rate of coronavirus

Bioethicist Dr. Zeke Emanuel predicts that around 250,000 Americans may die at the hands of coronavirus, potentially by the end of this year. The mortality rate of coronavirus patients is also increasing but it will not be the only contributing factor to this death toll.

Major Garett Emanuel is the vice provost for Global Initiatives and is also the chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

He didn’t hold back in criticizing President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response and described it to be not only incompetent but also a disaster.

Emmanuel says before the year is over there is a major possibility that between 220,000 and 250,000 Americans may die from coronavirus. He also drew attention to those who will die indirectly from the virus also. He singled outpatients of heart disease and other conditions, he also pointed out those needing treatments for cancer but do not visit the doctor out of fear.

He says most people avoid the doctor thinking they might catch the virus thus they inevitably contribute to higher indirect mortality rates.

He thinks the increase in mortality rate of coronavirus patients is a huge failure. It is important to note also that Emanuel is among the senior fellows for the leftist think tank Center for the American Progress. He is also on the campaign task force for Vice president Joe Biden in efforts to address the novel virus.

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Several states have observed a surge in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, he says. The death toll from recent weeks can compete with the ones that were recorded during the beginning of the pandemic in the United States in the month of March.

Emanuel is quick to call that a decline in progress, he says it is regression and evidence for why we have wasted the past four months. He also dismissed Trump’s claim that 40 million people had undergone testing for coronavirus. He says only forty million tests took place, among them, some people received multiple tests.

Emmanuel explained that we currently have testing that yet has to become good. The current testing is below expectations.

So far, however, Trump administration and Emanuel do agree on one thing: schools should reopen safely in the following months.

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Emanuel agreed to the decision saying primary and secondary schools need to reopen. He emphasized that his support for this does not come from a place of ignorance and he is aware that the risk of coronavirus will persist for children. He concluded on the matter by saying that despite the risks, schools can reopen minimizing risks and hoping for the best. He thinks it’ll be worth the risks because life is rarely without risks.

Emanuel also talked about how masks are becoming politicized and how its mostly because Trump refuses to wear one in public.

He recalled hearing someone call mask wearers sissies and retorted by saying wearing a mask is important because not only will it cut your chances of catching the virus but also of others who interact with you. Therefore masks might help reduce the mortality rate of coronavirus patients.

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