Bed that Turns into Mini Gym Can Help People Exercise At Home

With holiday season just around the corner, staying fit and in shape is one of the primary concerns of people along with protecting themselves from the coronavirus. To provide a solution to this problem, a fitness company has recently released a bed which turns into a gym as exercise outdoors and in gyms will likely not be possible.

Since the start of this year, people around the globe have been facing a lot of difficulties while fitting into the ‘new normal’ due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to adjust their lives in accordance with the current guidelines for prevention and safety, many have even left their fitness routines behind.

Gyms and fitness centers are no longer offering memberships and new admissions as well as limiting the number of people who can visit at a time. In some countries, they have also been repeatedly shut down depending on the conditions of the pandemic.

Due to the need for sharing machines and equipment at the gym, coronavirus spread rate tends to be higher, which is why many gyms have shut down after either one of its regular members or employees tested positive for the coronavirus infection.

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Additionally, there are also plans for another lockdown in the future, specifically for countries including the US and Spain, where infections are increasing at an alarming rate and require strict restrictions to be controlled.

This means that there are chances gyms will once again shut down and not be open to public at all. The inavailbility of gyms combined with staying at home is likely to lead to weight gain and muscle loss in many people.

Moreoever, in the upcoming months, there are going to be more gatherings, dinners and celebrations, which means that there is a need for physical activity in order to stay in shape.

The fitness company, PIVOT Fitness, has released a new product keeping this problem faced by the majority in mind. The recent PIVOT bed is said to help people exercise easily at home as well as in a very small space.

The fitness bed looks like a normal, everyday bed and also does not take more space. To use it for exercising, it can be flipped in a vertical position next to the wall and secured.

Under the bed, there is not only space to put any weights or extra gym equipment but also power rack, and a dip and pull up bar.

According to the CEO of PIVOT fitness, Colin Montgomery, who is also the designer of the fitness bed, the bed can urge people to engage in physcial activity as the equipment is always in sight this way.

Many people buy different types of equipment but never use they because they are either scattered or in a another room. Secondly, not everyone has a space specifically for working out.

With PIVOT bed, there is no need to create a specific space for exercise or the equipment. This way, any person can workout in bedroom and stay in shape without going outside the house or even to a separate room.

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