A Mysterious Disease that Made a 71-Year-Old Woman Vomit Everything that She Eats

Mysterious Disease

Judy who is 71 years old was living with a mysterious disease that made her vomit anything that she ate in the last ten days. All these years were terrible in terms of her health. As she wasn’t eating enough, she lost a drastic amount of weight which made her health even worst.

Her health was desterilizing and there was a time that simple things even getting out of the bed became a problem for her. We weighted 8stone 11lbs only and wasn’t able to move or roam around freely or spend time with her grandkids.

She first started having this mysterious disease when she received surgery for achalasia, back in 2008. For those who don’t know Achalasia is an extremely rare disease that makes the esophagus unable to pass the food. The patients explain it having like there is a ball of food stuck in their throat and they often feel as if they were choking.

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Initially, Judy hoped that this surgery will make her health better but after the surgery, her life was turned upside down. Her health left her in bed and she always vomited after eating because her body was not able to process her food consumption. She also experienced regular episodes of sickness but despite everything, she didn’t lose hope.

Her doctors were not sure about which mysterious disease is holding her up but Judy’s struggle to get the right diagnosis never faded over all these years.

She narrates it as a frustrating experience that your body is rejecting everything that you are feeding to it the worst part is that no one can help or understand it.

So the next 10 years, Judy shed more weight and became weaker and this mysterious sickness continued to affect her health.

She says that there were times that she felt so weak as if there is no energy left to get up and walk to her grandchildren whom she dearly loved. Her continuous weight loss was making her sicker every day but eventually, doctors were able to identify the reason behind her constant nausea and vomiting.

Dr. Ray Shidrawi, from the Wellington Hospital, is a consultant gastroenterologist who believes that Judy is having an undiagnosed form of cancer.  He doubts that during her last procedure, there was some damage caused to her vagus nerve which connects the brain to the gut.  The latest tests of Judy reveal that her stomach is highly acidic which is a typical sign of nerve damage as it is failing to deliver the message to the pancreas.

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Once her condition is identified, there is hope that she will receive the treatment that will actually help her heal. But before that, she needs more tests to clear the picture for doctors.  They believe that her nerve is working but is probably severely damaged which is why her stomach is not working normally. That’s what makes her nauseous after eating and she throws up after every meal.

After spending years with an identified condition, Judy is now hopeful that she will receive the correct treatment. This damage may not be repaired but doctors are thinking about adding a stomach valve to make it empty in standard time. This way, Judy will be able to eat and live normally like other people.

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