432 New Yorkers Dead in Past 24 Hours As the Pandemic Continues

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced an expected increase in the number of coronavirus infection cases in the state of New York in a recent statement on Thursday. He specifically mentioned the far-reaching effects of the pandemic with 92,381 confirmed cases in the state and 51,809 in the city.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all major economies and countries around the world. According to the statistics from the World Health Organization, the toll for coronavirus-related deaths has crossed fifty thousand.

Additionally, it has been reported that the coronavirus pandemic is still accelerating with over one million people affected in different parts of the globe. Up till now, the worst-hit countries have been China, where the virus cases began, and Italy.

Though the pandemic is likely to last several more weeks, in consonance with health experts, the control over its spread in Wuhan, previously known as the epicenter for the infection, shows a ray of hope.

On the other hand, health professionals have also reported a decrease in the number of cases in Italy, which is currently the country with the most cases of coronavirus infection.

However, more and more cases are being reported in other countries such as the UK and France in Europe and India and Pakistan in Asia.

Consequently, the majority of the countries have imposed a lockdown along with the existent travel restrictions with the announcement of public holidays in offices, schools, and all other institutes.

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In the United States, similar preventive measures have been taken by different states including New York. However, the new statement by Governor Andrew Cuomo shows how the pandemic is still accelerating.

Speaking to the reporters in Albany, Cuomo highlighted the main problem that may make it difficult for the state of New York to death with the coronavirus infection which is the lack of space, equipment, and ventilators for managing new patients.

Medical facilities and staff have been the primary reason why there have been more than 400 deaths in the last twenty-four hours in New York alone.

Reports on the impact of coronavirus infection in New York show that there have been 2,373 deaths in total along with 13,383 cases that required immediate hospitalization.

On the other hand, Cuomo emphasized on how it should be noted that around 7,434 patients have also been treated and discharged subsequently. This number is a positive sign of healthcare in the state.

For upcoming cases of coronavirus infection, the state will, however, require more facilities such as 70,000 to 110,000.

The number of facilities needed and provided will be overlooked by a new nightly hospital by hospital survey to make sure there is no shortage of supplies and resources.

When asked about ventilators, the governor assured that there are enough ventilators in the state for the next six days with over two thousand of them present in the stockpile.

In case of a situation where more ventilators are required, Cuomo stated how “it is the cruelest irony” that the state will be depending on China for additional ventilators.

Furthermore, twenty-one thousand health care professionals will also be joining different hospitals in New York soon to help in the management of the patients.

In addition to these efforts, the governor also encouraged the manufacturers and businesses based in the state to collaborate and help in the production of protective equipment needed by those working in health care.

For the financing, the state will be responsible and will even pay a premium for the items that can be manufactured.

With such collective efforts only, it will be possible to control the growing coronavirus pandemic as well as the death toll which has caused four hundred and thirty-two deaths in two-four hours only.


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