World’s First-ever “Green” Colored Puppy Carries an Unusual Pigment in Fur

green fur puppy
Image by Elionas from Pixabay

A unique type of green fur puppy is born on a local farm in Sardinia. Experts suggest that this pup carries a unique and rare pigment that is transferred to him from his mother.

Cristian Mallocci a local farmer in Italy was astonished to see a tiny puppy with green fur born to one of his dogs on the farm. He also owns seven other dogs and none of them is green. He has named this new tiny green fur pup as ‘pistachio’.

Pistachio belongs to a litter of five who are born at the start of October. All other pups from his litter are normal. The mother to this whole litter is a cross-breed with a distinctive while color fur.

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It is strange for a dog to have a green color. In fact, this is the first time there is news about a puppy born with green fur. Animal experts believe that it might have happened as a result of pale fur puppies and their interaction with a vibrant green colored pigment named biliverdin. This pigment is also found in humans and causes yellow-green bruising in case of scratches and injuries.

The experts believe that this pup might have exposed to the same pigment while he was inside his mother’s womb. In any case, this green fur is not going to last forever and by the time this tint will fade away and vanish.

This farm where this pup is born is owned by Mallocci and Giannangelo Liperi who is also his brother-in-law. He has shared to keep special care of Pistachio and train him on how to look after other animals on the farm. Then he will help to guard the sheep along with his mother ‘Spelacchia.’

All other pups from this same litter will be put on adoption.

Mallocci says that the color green represents ‘hope’, ‘wellness’, and ‘luck’. If Pistachio is born this way, maybe it is a sign that he is bringing hopes for the farm and the owner. He has called this cute little green puppy to be a source of smile for the pandemic-ridden and stressed people.

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Is it normal for dogs or cats to have green color fur? Of course not. The green color tint in their fur is thought to be linked with ‘biliverdin’ which is naturally a part of the dog’s placenta. Once the puppy is born, this biliverdin is dislodged and somehow adds up to the amniotic fluid. This fluid typically surrounds the pups when they are inside the womb.

By any chance, if the levels of biliverdin in the body increase, it makes the amniotic fluid highly concentrated. It leaves a risk of coloring the puppy fur with green color. Fortunately, this tinting involves no health risk. The tinting typically fades away on its own when the puppy grows with time.


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