Why Second wave of Coronavirus is Causing Fewer Deaths than the First Wave?

second wave of coronavirus deaths
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The daily coronavirus cases are increasing in number but surprisingly, it is not as deadly as health experts predicted it would be. Fewer death cases are reported in this second wave of coronavirus which is surprising and unexpected. The new study reveals that the deaths caused by coronavirus are reduced from the deaths reported during the first wave of coronavirus earlier this year.

In the United States, most cases were reported from New York where tens of thousands of people died of coronavirus in March and April. The health experts predicted that the virus will continue to hunt more people but the deaths reported during the second wave of coronavirus are much less than before.

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The new investigation report revealed that the deaths by coronavirus have been decreased by 27%. This report was conducted by the research team from NYU Grossman School of Medicine, which reported that people are reporting less-deadly symptoms of the virus.

There are two possibilities for what has changed now. First, it is the public awareness and care taken by individuals to stop spreading the virus. Unlike before, people are now more cautious about how to go outside, when to get tested, what to do if they are tested positive. Even the simple care plans are helpful to save more people who might be in contact with these infected people, that’s why the symptoms are less severe now.

The second thing is that healthcare professionals and hospitals are all set to handle coronavirus cases now. Previously, neither the staff was trained, nor the necessary items were available. People with dangerously severe symptoms were rushing to the hospitals where they experienced no facilities or care. It has contributed to the higher number of deaths caused by a coronavirus. Spending a few months in pandemic has highlighted the flaws in the healthcare system and all countries have changed their strategies towards pandemic management accordingly. It has caused a higher recovery rate among coronavirus patients with lesser deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shared guidelines on how to live safely in a pandemic. But all these precautions only help in survival and not practically save people from the disease. The new cases of coronavirus being reported every day reveal that the virus is still around.

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The reason why the recovery rate is increased now also involved the experience that the healthcare practitioners now have. For example, they have learned that COVID-19 patients should rest on their stomach and not to lay on their back. Also, delaying to use of the ventilator is the better thing that immediately shifting a patient to a ventilator.

These findings suggest that COVID-19 despite being a deadly infection, is manageable. Although there is no definite treatment to help the COVID-19 patients these simple precautions and experience-based caring tips are helping to improve the recovery rate.

The complete details of this study are to be published soon in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.



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