Why Does the McDonald’s Coke Taste Different than Other Places?

McDonald's coke
Image by Kelvin Stuttard from Pixabay

Have you ever been to McDonald’s and while enjoying your meal you have realized that this food especially the coke tastes different than other burger chains? If you are a big-time soda fan and have tried soda from different food chains, restaurants, and shops, you will understand that McDonald’s coke is a little different from the rest and no, you are not alone who thinks that.

Most people agree that McDonald’s coke is far better than most of the other eateries. But what makes it so different that regular customers are able to spot a difference between their coke and any soda from another place? It all starts with the packaging of their sodas.

Usually, most companies bring their soda syrups using plastic bags. But for McDonald’s, the Coca-Cola company works differently.

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The soda syrup used to make coke in all McDonald’s outlets is shipped through huge tanks made of stainless steel. The purpose of transporting the syrup into these steel containers is not to lose the flavor and taste during the logistics. The stainless steel helps to keep the soda fresh and that’s why this taste is different from sodas from other places.

After this syrup reaches its destination, the McDonalds employees start taking an action and take both the syrup as well as water for chilling. This chilled water and soda syrup then go to the soda fountain. This step is explained in detail on the website of McDonald’s.

Contrary to other food chains that only use a dispenser to cool down the lukewarm water, the staff at McDonald’s use specialized insulated tubes. These tubes help to distribute this liquid from their fridge towards the coke fountain, making sure that it is super chilled.

That’s why every time you visit a McDonalds, you will get an ice-cold coke that induces a craving for the coke even more. And guess what, this is not where it all ends. This cold and chilly water also makes carbonation better. Once the soda is warmed up, it allows the carbon dioxide to quickly leave the liquid but McDonald’s makes sure to keep this temperature super low so the soda remains chilled. It helps to maintain the carbonation by preventing the CO2 from release.

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Another thing that distinguishes McDonald’s coke from other brands is that the soda from other food chains go plain and lukewarm as soon as it is poured into the glasses. On the other hand, the coke from MC never does that. Although both add ice cubes to make sure that the soda remains cold for some time but the McDonalds coke really takes more time to go plain as compared to other brands. The company shares that they maintain the ratio of the coke syrup so that it maintains the taste despite the ice cubes added and melted in it.

So it means that it is not just the soda that is different in McDonald’s and other places but the techniques to store and transport it as well which make up for its unique taste. McDonald’s also use a different type of straws which are wider than regular straws. It is to make sure that the customer is able to enjoy soda as more amount of soda will his tastebuds with each sip.


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