Therapist Share a Simple Trick to Know If You Have Dyslexia

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A licensed therapist has revealed a simple trick to find out if you have dyslexia. She has shared a small video on his TikTok account showing how is the experience of reading passage if someone has dyslexia.

Lindsay Fleming is working as a therapist providing services primarily for teens and children. She often shares informative clips, videos, and messages on her social media accounts to raise awareness of mental health.

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In her latest video update, he has questioned her viewers on what do they think about dyslexia and if they know the problems a dyslexic person can feel during reading.  She then challenges them to follow a simple trick to find out the answer. She urges his viewers to read the text that shows above her in the video.

Her video tells that dyslexia is not just one condition but a spectrum of symptoms that varies in terms of expression, intensity, and frequency in every person. However, for the general understanding, here is a simple trick to know if you have dyslexia.

The text behind Lindsay then starts to change and some of the words seem indecipherable. Lindsey explains that dyslexic people feel that their eyes are skipping the lines making it hard to read. It has surprised many users that reading the text through the visual demonstration is so much difficult.

This video of Lindsey has gone viral and has more than 60 thousand views.

For those who don’t know, dyslexia is a problem that let people experience numerous learning disabilities. It sometimes shows up in language skills and reading is the hardest part for most dyslexic patients. They also experience difficulties in writing and reading especially pronouncing specific words. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t just go away with the age and leaves a huge impact on a person’s life. without treatment, it is hard for a dyslexic person to overcome these problems.

There is no known cause of dyslexia; some health experts believe it is due to differences in brain structures and functions while others believe it has multiple factors involved. In general, dyslexic patients find it hard to differentiate between different words and sounds which makes it hard for them to read or understand words. However, with therapy and specialized educational methods, people with dyslexia are able to learn and read.

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Dyslexia doesn’t receive the attention that it requires especially among the school children which are the easiest target of it. Many of the young school kids find it hard to read and understand and it takes them years to do it. On the other side, children who are poor at reading and understanding continue to be the same for many years because they don’t receive the specialized teaching that they need. That is why many of them don’t even finish school and are often dropped out.

The good news is that it is never too late to learn how to read. It needs a good therapist, a specialized teacher, and support from friends/family and other community members which helps dyslexic people in learning.



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