Study Identifies New Risks of Marijuana and Tobacco Smoke

Marijuana and Tobacco Smoke
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Health experts are concerned about the increased rate of marijuana and cigarette usage in the US, especially among young people. Marijuana and tobacco smoke has been associated with a number of health problems especially related to the lungs which are why doctors caution the general public to use these products.

Cannabis has been recently promoted as a medicinal plant and despite its benefits, the smoke of cannabis is associated with lungs and breathing problems. The research team from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has presented new evidence on the harmful chemicals inside marijuana and tobacco smoke, which are linked with various lung diseases.

The complete findings of this study are published in the journal EclinicalMedicine.

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In this study, the research team analyzed marijuana smokers and estimated the risks subjected to them. They found some harmful chemicals in their blood samples and uring samples but these toxins were much lesser than those samples obtained from people who smoke marijuana and tobacco both. they were also lesser than the samples obtained from tobacco users.

Acrylonitrile and acrylamide are two toxins that were found in extremely high quantities in these samples. Acrolein is a compound that is chemically produced during the burning of some materials. This chemical when mixed with tobacco smoke adds up to health risks especially heart diseases in tobacco smokers. Mixing of acrolein is relatively less in cannabis smoke which is why it doesn’t show the same risks in cannabis smokers.

Based on these results, the presence of a high amount of acrolein inside the body is a predictor of cardiovascular problems in near future. Likewise, lowering the exposure to this chemical can save a person from these risks. This is true for people who are exposed to both marijuana and tobacco smoke.

This risk is very high for people who already have an underlying condition such as HPV or HIV. The presence of a virus that is already taking up the body system makes it easy for marijuana and tobacco smoke chemicals to hit the body and cause complications.

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The use of marijuana is increasing after many US states have changed their local laws on its medicinal as well as non-medicinal usage. This legalization of marijuana has raised questions on its regulation and health concerns. Although the effect is lesser the marijuana and tobacco smoke share some same toxic chemicals which are linked with cardiovascular and lung disease.

This study provides clear evidence that the presence of increased acrolein levels in the body can be a predictor of potential cardiac risk. If someone is diagnosed as a high-risk patient, the health experts can help formulation a prevention plan by reducing his exposure to acrolein. It can be easily done by lowering the tobacco risk in the form of cigarettes and cannabis use.


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