Sonus Complete Reviews (2020): Is it a Scam? Shocking Facts Revealed

Sonus Complete Review
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Update August 2020: We have been receiving comments from the users of Sonus Complete complaining about the supplement that it did not work for them. It has also been reported that the claims made by Sonus Complete about eliminating Tinnitus are all false. According to British Tinnitus Association (BTA), “Dietary supplements should not be recommended to treat tinnitus.” Read this paper to learn more about BTA not recommending Sonus Complete.

Note* The review below is outdated.

Sonus Complete Review

Tinnitus is commonly experienced by people who have an ear injury or issues of blood flow and hearing. Its root cause is not an ear infection or any pathogen. For a better diagnosis of tinnitus, it is better to consult a doctor. There are possibilities that you may be suffering from meningitis instead of tinnitus. If this is so, go to the nearest emergency as soon as possible. Manifestations of meningitis last less than seven days while tinnitus lasts for more than seven days.

About Sonus Complete

Sonus Complete claims to eliminates all of the risks that can damage the brain later on. It not only helps the user with ringing noise issues, but it also removes the possibilities of brain disorders, for example, dementia and amnesia.

Now, there is no need to go and get more painful operations or purchase any hearing aid. Sonus Complete is a 10-year research capsule and a complete treatment for these diseases. This supplement promises to provide you with a strong memory, a clear mind, and much more. It also improves the user’s sleep quality.


Sonus Complete can be used by all people, no matter what their age is. It is best if the consumer takes 2 capsules daily with a meal or an 8 oz glass of water. Within only a few days, you would start noticing great changes in your hearing.

Who Created Sonus Complete?

This effective formula is the invention of 56-year-old Gregory Peters. He was a medical librarian in most of the popular universities for more than thirty years.

According to Gregory, the experience of these ringing noises is terrible. He explains this ringing voice as “train braking on the nails.”

After consulting and discussing with an experienced doctor, it was clear that Gregory was not going through any sort of physical issue in his ears. At this point, he came to recognize that tinnitus isn’t a harmful disease. It does not happen because of any virus or disease. It is only a manifestation of the underlying condition.

How does Sonus Complete Work?

Root causes of Tinnitus mainly include brain disorders like dementia, autism, and memory loss. Tinnitus is an alarming situation that makes you aware prior to any chronic disease. Sonus Complete works on a few basic principles.

Initially, it starts to work on brain networks. It will help you to feel more comfortable and calm because the connections of the brain become stronger. Since the brain cells that are damaged, they start to repair at a faster speed; you will soon start noticing positive changes in your brain. The repairing of the connections makes the brain supercharged and energetic.

What is the Composition of Sonus Complete?

The ingredients used in Sonus Complete are extracted only from natural sources. Their main task is to flush toxins and support a healthy brain. Sonus Complete is made up of Buchuleaves, hawthorn berry, juniper berry, hibiscus, vitamin B12, garlic powder, B6, Niacin (B3), vitamin C, olive leaves, green tea, and uva ursi.

The above-mentioned ingredients work together to accelerate the benefits each ingredient provides. All the ingredients together work as a shield against tumors, dementia, convulsions, and memory loss.

Sonus Complete does more than just help you kick off the ringing noise in your ears. It helps you to get quality sleep by supporting the formation of new synapses.

Does Sonus Complete Cause Any Allergy?

Sonus Complete is 100 percent safe. You can even use it if you are allergic to any sort of food. Every ingredient is used within a safe amount that would not cause allergies. However, if you are allergic and are not satisfied, do not go for these supplements.

Why is lately everyone loving Sonus Complete?

Customers have been loving this product due to its long list of benefits. Some of them are highlighted below.

  • Your ears will no longer hear ringing noises.
  • You would be able to hear everyone easily and clearly.
  • With a greater number of synapses, you will build a stronger memory.
  • You will be able to focus and concentrate on things.
  • There is no risk of getting allergies with Sonus Complete.
  • You will have a better quality of sleep.
  • The formula boosts the overall health of your body.
  • You will no longer be asked to invest in expensive surgeries and medications.
  • There would be no dizziness, brain fog, or nausea.
  • It kicks off the future risk of any chronic disease.
  • The brain would stay toxin-free.
  • This will bring hope and build optimistic thinking in you.

Is Sonus Completely Affordable?

Since now you know that Sonus Complete is the only possible option left to overcome this deadly condition, check out if it is affordable for you or not. There are three super deals you can choose from. The deals are as follows:

Basic Package
In this deal, you will get one bottle for $69 including shipping charges. This package will only benefit you for one month.

Premium Package
On a 30% discount, you will be able to get six bottles only for $294 (each bottle for $49). There are no shipping charges.

Standard Package
If you are looking for a three month supply deal, go for the standard package as it offers three bottles only for $177 i.e $59 per bottle.

What if you did not like Sonus Complete?

If you do not find Sonus Complete effective, you can get your money back by requesting them for a refund on the details mentioned below. This policy only lasts for 60 days. However, Gregory Peters is quite sure that each and every person would love his product and would not request a refund.

Contact Details

For more information, click on either order support or product support. Contact them at or +44 1704 320405. Return the parcel with an RMA number at 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112.

Final Verdict – Is Sonus Complete Worth Trying?

No, it is not! Tinnitus is a serious medical condition that needs the attention of a doctor. No supplement can help to eliminate or prevent it. It is suggested to seek professional help instead of relying on dietary supplements.




Please note that any guidelines and advice given here are not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician if you are under medication or have doubts following the advice/instructions given. Individual results may vary. All images used are for illustration purposes only.


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