Psilocybin in ‘Magic Mushrooms’ is Now Legal in Oregon for Terminally Ill Patients

magic mushrooms legal
Image by Michael M from Pixabay

Psilocybin is a natural psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms or ‘shrooms’ which results in hallucinations. For this reason, magic mushrooms and any of their variants are illegal in all US states. However, Oregon has become the first country where psilocybin is legal for mental health therapies.

Its regulation will take place through Measure 109 which is creating a program providing professional supervision over the production and delivery and administration of psilocybin in the state, under the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

Legal magic mushrooms don’t mean that psilocybin will not be available to purchase at local stores and pharmacies. People will not be able to purchase it like other dietary supplements and medicines and it is only available at a designated psilocybin public service center.

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Not all mushrooms can cause hallucinations but only with psilocybin inside them can bring about these effects. Many people use magic mushrooms as a recreational drug as it can induce sensory distortion, relaxation, and euphoria.

Most medical societies don’t regard psilocybin to cause addiction but users report experiencing panic attacks, anxiety, and hallucinations after using them.

Once Psilocybin is inside the body, it activates the brain’s serotonin receptors. This part of the brain is typically associated with mood regulation, cognitive effects, and building perceptions. Based on the quantity of the magic mushrooms taken, the user will experience intense or mild effects after taking them.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that there is some preliminary evidence suggesting the potential of psilocybin in magic mushrooms, on the basis of its decision of making it legal is established. It has exceptional benefits for severely ill people with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. It has also a role in treating any type of substance addiction, withdrawal, and distress in severely ill patients.

Measure 109 will develop a public service program under the health authority of Oregon before starting psilocybin treatments. The Psilocybin Advisory Board or Oregon will evaluate all patients and select which one of them needs this psilocybin treatment.

The selected patient will be able to purchase a controlled quantity of psilocybin from the designated service center and consume it under the supervision of a professional healthcare provider to control the hallucinogenic effects.

Oregon reports one of the highest numbers of mental health patients in the entire US. As per stats, every one in five people living in Oregon are living with a mental health problem.

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Back in 2018, U.S FDA declared psilocybin-based treatment to be a breakthrough step in treating mental patients. It acknowledged the role of psilocybin, an active compound in magic mushrooms to improve the condition of severely ill patients who are fighting for their lives.

The new legal status of Magic mushrooms is welcomed and backed up by the majority of Democratic lawmakers including U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. It is also supported by numerous regional organizations and welfare clinics.

However, Psilocybin is still under the Schedule 1 list of the federal list.









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