No Board Games or Family Sleepovers This Christmas- New COVID-19 Christmas Rules

COVID-19 Christmas rules
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As the holidays are approaching, there is a rising concern related to Covid-19 management during these highly social events. It is the time of year when people like to spend their time with their loved ones but this interaction can cause coronavirus to spread if there is a Covid-19 patient around. Even if he is asymptomatic, there are still high chances that he can transmit this virus to others. That’s why the CDC urgess people to follow special Covid-19 rules to follow this Christmas.

First, it is to prioritize health over everything and not to attend any event if there is a chance of coronavirus transmission. staying at home is always a better option than partying with a high risk of COVID-19, health experts suggest.

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But even if people go and meet their family or friends there are some basic Covid-19 Christmas rules to follow. These rules include;

  • Where should you go?
  • Whom should you meet?
  • How to enjoy Christmas safely?

The purpose of setting these COVID-19 Christmas rules is not to threaten or scare the public. It is just a safety measure that will help people prevent contracting the virus.

There is no way that these rules can create tension among any public group. It is only a set of basic rules which help them minimize the disease risk.

But these rules don’t mean that they are exempted from all other rules. Wearing a facemask, maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing is equally important as following these rules.

First, it is necessary to determine where to go this Christmas season. If there is an event that is easily avoidable, then it is better to skip it and spend time at home. Large public gatherings are highly desirable but at this moment when coronavirus cases are at a high rise, it might not be a wise decision to attend big gatherings. The interaction with people should be limited especially among strangers or distant friends.

Whom should you meet is also a concern this holiday season. If you know that a person has a history of COVID-19 or might be exposed to the virus, avoid meeting him, even if you don’t see any visible symptom of the virus. If you suspect that you have contracted the virus it is your ethical responsibility to isolate and do not infect other people.

Last among these Covid-10 Christmas rules is to make sure to enjoy Christmas safely. It is only possible by following all the necessary protocols.

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Children and older adults should take these precautions more than other groups. If possible, the family meetups should be planned in open places instead of closed spaces. Try not to spend the night at the family house, with close contact with other family members.

More importantly, do not ignore the precautions and do everything that is necessary to lower the virus transmission risk.

One problem with these Covid-19 Christmas rules is that there is no surety that they will completely end the risk of transmission. It would be a lie to say that following these rules guarantee a safe Christmas. However, it can significantly reduce it.


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