NHS is on High Alert As COVID-19 Cases in UK Increase

COVID-19 Cases in UK
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The world is witnessing the second wave of coronavirus and many countries have been experiencing a skyrocketing increase in their daily Covid cases. The COVID-19 cases in the UK are increasing day by day and the government has already approved a major lockdown plan starting from the weekend. NHS UK is currently working on a High Alert mode as more and more people are hospitalized due to Covid related complications.

Chris Hopson is the chief executive at NHS Providers. He represents all the hospitals and trusts in the UK. According to him, this situation is no longer the same for the NHS.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, he shared that the daily increase in COVID-19 cases in the UK that is reported in the hospitals clearly shows that we need emergency response to manage these cases. It is necessary to gear up the game for making sure that the situation is under control.

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But this High Alert in NHS may not show up. Most people would not be able to spot a difference as this alert mainly means the administrative level work. It is also possible that the patients will feel a ‘routine’ thing.

He urged people to come forward for testing and treatment. Naturally, it is impossible to help someone if he isn’t showing up or asking for it. The treatment facilities provided under NHS are only for those who reach out for help, he added.

He has also requested people to follow the preventive measures and the country’s new lockdown guides. The increase in COVID-19 cases in the UK shows that people are still not taking this situation seriously. If everyone is playing his part, it would be impossible to have new cases. And if the daily cases are still rising, obviously there is someone to hold this burden. Someone who is not complying with the restrictions and rules and is subjecting more people to this deadly infection.

It might be hard for the NHS to take care of everyone if they are not taking responsibility for your action. It doesn’t mean that any person would be denied medical help but without playing your part, expecting the government to take care of you would be a little unfair.

There are high chances that these daily COVID-19 cases in the UK will continue to increases in the winter. Right now, NHS is on its highest level of alert while trying to keep medical facilities available for everyone coming for help.

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Following the new lockdown, rules are also necessary to improve the NHS mission even if you are recovered from the virus.

At this point when hospitals are reaching their maximum capacity, without public participation, there would be chaos, and thousands of people would lose their lives.

The reason why NHS has imposed a level four alert is to ensure a speedy treatment without delay and accommodate patients to the hospitals where all the essential medical facilities are available.



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