Mindful Dietary Interventions May Prevent Obesity and CVDs

mindful dietary interventions
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Researchers suggest that following mindful dietary interventions can help to manage cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and obesity all across the world. They emphasize on following these tools which makes it easy to manage weight and lower the risk of death by heart problems.

A research team comprised of psychologists from Birmingham City University have studied how some mindful dietary interventions lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in public. The healthier alternatives of dietary sources, health advice, and access to treatment make it easy to improve health.

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The research team includes Dr. Michael Mantzios and Dr. Helen Egan which created two new tools to improve healthy eating. These tools include the “Mindful Construal Diary” and the “Mindful Chocolate Practice.”

The purpose of designing these mindful tools is to encourage healthy eating. Some of the previous studies reveal that moderate eating works better than the fad diets and eating a dangerously lesser number of calories while trying to lose weight. the mindful eating interventions are equally important as the meditation practices such as yoga, according to the health experts.

The two newly introduced mindful dietary interventions focus on improving the eating experience by sensing the users on the after-effects of eating certain foods. These foods that these interventions target are generally considered unhealthy and a big cause of weight gain such as desserts.

The results testing these interventions revealed that users ate a lesser amount of chocolates after they were subjected to this mindfulness. These tools are available for everyone to try through an online survey, which will help the researchers to finish their research.

The purpose of this research is to change the habitual tendency of a person to continue eating even if the body doesn’t need it or to eat unhealthy food which may end up causing various health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Every person has a biological signals system which indicates hunger, satiation, and cravings. Instead of using it as a tool for eating everything, anywhere at any time, it is better to smartly use it for controlled eating.

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Not only it will make the eating experience pleasing but also help to manage weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Using mindful dietary interventions like this will regulate eating habits and improved the quality of food that people take in routine. It has obvious medical benefits that are needed the most during this coronavirus pandemic period.

There are millions of people struggling with their weight and many of them have tried fat burners, fad diets, and even medicines to lose weight. The unnatural methods for losing weight have killed thousands of people while leaving millions of others at potential risk. Somehow, this whole situation is avoidable by making certain changes in diet and lifestyle. Replacing unhealthy eating habits with mindful eating will lower obesity levels, risk of death by CVDs, and also lessen the burden on the healthcare sector and economy.



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