Healthy Diet can Help to Beat COVID-19 Naturally

Beat COVID-19 Naturally
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COVID-19 shows up differently in every patient. Its symptoms could be mild or severe and some people experience no symptom at all. The infection had infected more than 62 million people worldwide and it still continues to spread. Because of its random and high prevalence, it is hard to identify the exact precautions to prevent. Even those who are already infected reported using different types of treatments, medicines, and even remedies that have worked on them. However, a new study has come up with an easy way to beat COVID-19 naturally.

The study conducted by a researcher from the School of Human Development and Health, University of Southampton has unveiled the importance of nutrition to boost the body’s immunity and beat COVID-19 naturally, without trying bizarre remedies.

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The body’s immune system accounts for providing protection against any pathogenic attack including coronavirus. With each one of these pathogens, the body changes its immune system and evolve to tackle all of these potential threats. But the immune system can not work well if you are not feeding the body the essential nutrients which it needs. It includes vitamins, minerals, and certain trace nutrients which improve the efficacy of the immune system.

This new study published in the journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health highlights highlight the role of balanced and healthy nutrition to improve immune response thus fighting against the virus till complete recovery.

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Understanding immunity is not easy as there are trillions of cells and proteins involved in it. All these work together to fight against a pathogen and keep a record of it so that the body kills it the next time it starts to invade the body. This is called the immunological memory of the body.

There are so many factors that may change the body’s immune response and this immunological memory. Aging, underlying medical condition, obesity, all of these are risk factors which lower the immune response hence their bodies become more vulnerable to infection.

Obesity, in particular, is connected to low immunity. Obese patients often experience impaired immunity. It gives a chance for the coronavirus to invade the body and trigger the infection.

Not many people know but these obese patients also show a slow response to any vaccination. So if someone believes that soon to be available COVID-19 vaccine will save him, that is not true.

Although the immune system is always functioning it only gets triggered whenever there is an unknown pathogen inside. Once the body identifies a foreign object, it activates and works to put it down. Certain vitamins such as A and D are essentially required for immune response as they regulate the gene expression in these immunological cells. when a person is deficient in essential vitamins, his immune system becomes extremely slow.

In addition to that, the body also needs antioxidants to save from inflammation, free radical damage, and oxidate stress. Other vitamins such as Vitamin C and vitamin E are natural antioxidants that provide this benefit.

Hence the body needs a properly working immune system to beat COVID-19 naturally. And for that, using a balanced diet obtained from healthy sources is ideal.


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