Experts Warn Hospitals Won’t have ICU beds for All COVID-19 Patients in Paris

COVID-19 patients in paris

Coronavirus cases are not just rising in one part of the world but rather in multiple places at once. Now as reports show Paris Hospitals may be filled to maximum capacity in the coming week. 90 percent of ICU beds are being predicted to be taken up by COVID-19 Patients in Paris.

This warning comes just in time as France prepares reasonable measures to help delay the coronavirus surges.

Martin Hirsch is the head of as many as 39 hospitals situated in Paris as well as the neighboring suburbs. He thinks this was inevitable.

According to him by the 24th of October it is expected that at least 800-1000 COVID-19 Patients in Paris will need intensive care, this however currently represents 70-90% of the current capacity of the hospitals under him.

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These predictions appear to now place even more pressure on France’s President Emmanuel Macron who is popularly known and expected to deliver stricter restriction orders on television.

He was reported to have been meeting with top ministers to evaluate effective potential measures to slow down the second surge of coronavirus infections today.

In his previous interview, President Macron has given orders for people to wear face masks in all enclosed spaces in public all over France. Ever since then however face masks have become compulsory even on Paris streets.

Recent media reports however suggest and speculate that the latest measures may include strict curfews all over Paris as well as other cities that are now being placed on highest alert due to the coronavirus cases increasing dangerously and putting a strain on hospitals.

To put things in perspective, by Saturday the total number of coronavirus infections increased by 26,896 in a span of just 24 hours, this set a record for the nation.

A source from the government emphasized that 50% of the worsening of this situation also depends on the people because nothing can be done if they do not get serious. COVID-19 Patients in Paris will only increase if people are not careful and refuse to follow precautions.

Hirsch thinks more at homework requirements should be called for including the latest measures to make sure people social distance.

In risk cities as well as in Paris, bars have already been shut down, gym usage has been curtailed and stricter restrictions are placed on the number of crowds allowed in shopping malls and other venues.

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Right now as a whole 1,539 people in France have been placed into ICU’S which currently has only a maximum capacity of a few 5,000 beds. Last April however during the height of the coronavirus pandemic more than 7,000 patients ended up in intensive care units, there were still some who needed to be placed into military field hospitals.

A panel of experts was then set up to evaluate the effectiveness of France’s COVID-19 response to the pandemic this Tuesday and it found that there were very specific failures such as a lack of forethought done to anticipate the threat, prepare for it and subsequently manage it when it happened.

This panel was led by Didier Pittet who is a Swiss infectious disease specialist.

The conclusions of the panel are however due in December but some of the main findings are already being published to help become a basis of advice that would be useful for decision-makers right now.


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