Dr. Fauci Calls Out Oxford’s Covid Vaccine for Approval Without Scrutiny 

Oxford’s Covid vaccine
Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

UK has approved Oxford’s Covid vaccine recently but shortly after this, it is under criticism by some health experts, the top of which is Dr. Anthony Facui, a top health expert from the US.

Dr. Fauci has served as the director of the U.S National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. According to him, this Oxford’s Covid vaccine is just trying to join Pfizer, a US-based company to win this vaccine development race.

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This statement has come right after Ugur Sahin, a researcher who has helped to formulate this vaccine said that this vaccine is based on the latest technology which had its own unique challenges to meet. But with international collaboration and over 43000 subjects involved, it showed good results during the clinical trials.

This statement was to educate people about this whole vaccine production process and the problems that they met. While there is plenty of misinformation on Covid vaccines circulating on social media, awareness of Oxford’s Covid vaccine was much needed to help people make a decision about using it.

Despite all these efforts by the UK government and the vaccine team, Dr. Facui, a leading immunologist of the world has criticized this new vaccine saying that it is a decision made in hurry and it was not made carefully. He further said that going quickly or superficially checking it is not going to help anyone as people wouldn’t like to get this vaccine.

Some critics say that Dr.Fauci is under pressure from the White House on how UK is ahead of US in this vaccine development race.

Fauci holds a high reputation in infectious diseases and immunology. He often shares his remarks on leading health issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic and most of them are correct. His statement on Oxford’s Covid vaccine is confusing for many people as they are unable to decide whether to believe it or not.

On the other side, Fauci has admired FDA’s concern on this whole vaccine approval process which requires extensive trial data. He said that the US regulatory authority is following a gold standard because we don’t want to compromise on public health. And this is the right way to do it.

He praised how FDA is scrutinizing all the data with a careful eye which is why it is taking time to approve a vaccine. This time and effort are to make sure that the US population is receiving a safe and risk-free vaccine.

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If the FDA also followed a careless path or made a hasty decision, it will lose the trust of all Americans which is why they are taking things slow and steady.

After approving Oxford’s Covid vaccine, the UK has become the first country which has authorized a new Covid-19 vaccine. This is a remarkable success, as it is the first of many vaccine candidates that may save people from this deadly disease and finally end this pandemic.

The vaccine is all set to roll out all across the UK from next week.

The US pharma giant Pfizer is adding pressure to the FDA for emergency approval to stand alongside Oxford’s Covid vaccine. In November, Dr. Fauci shared that the American vaccine will be available in Spring. But after this UK’s vaccine approval, there are chances that Pfizer takes a faster path to get its vaccine approved.



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