magic mushrooms legal

Psilocybin in ‘Magic Mushrooms’ is Now Legal in Oregon for Terminally Ill Patients

Psilocybin is a natural psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms or ‘shrooms’ which results in hallucinations. For this reason, magic mushrooms and any of their variants are illegal in all US states. However, Oregon has become the first country where psilocybin is legal for mental health therapies. Its regulation will take place through Measure 109 which…

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Hikikomori social withdrawal

Hikikomori- An Extreme Social Withdrawal

A recent study published in the journal World Psychology estimated a high increase in hikikomori social withdrawal cases. This increase is not confined to Japan alone, as it was initially believed and it has spread to the whole world. The most common age group to experience this extreme social anxiety is younger people especially teenagers. Dr….

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