Cancer Patients Raise Questions About Safety of Coronavirus Vaccine

cancer patients
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People suffering from various forms of cancer can have a compromised immune response which can cause a fatal coronavirus infection. Meanwhile, people are also raising questions if the vaccine is suitable for cancer patients.

The American Cancer Society suggests that the vaccine does not cause any significant side effects for most people with cancer. However, there is not sufficient research or data to prove the safety of the vaccine for such individuals.

According to the American Cancer Society and oncologists, cancer patients should consult their doctors before getting the shot of coronavirus vaccine. Every patient has their route of cancer treatment and the vaccine should not interfere with any of them.

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Dr. Laura Makaroff from the ACS suggests that some cancer patients might not get the vaccine immediately if they underwent the stem cell transplant recently. Also, some treatments and therapies can reduce the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Makaroff also said that every cancer patient might respond to the vaccine differently due to their course of treatment. Even though the vaccine is safe for everyone but such patients should consult their doctor and wait for the right time to get their shot.

There is not enough research or evidence to prove the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine for cancer patients. However, several oncologists suggest that such patients should take the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible due to their compromised immunity.

Dr. Brian Koffman is a chief medical officer from the CLL society that works for people who have chronic lymphocytic leukemia. He said that the benefits of the coronavirus vaccine for cancer patients are far greater than the risks.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL leads to a severely weakened immune response. This immunity can not tolerate any live vaccine including those for yellow fever and measles.

These patients have a weak immune system due to which they are at high risk of severe coronavirus infections. Even though experts suggest that cancer patients get the coronavirus vaccine, they are not sure about the efficacy of this vaccine for these individuals.

There is a need for specific trials to test the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine for cancer patients. Only the data from trials can prove a clear answer if the vaccine works the same for such patients.

Many researchers and doctors and working to set up trials to test the vaccine on these individuals. Doctors also suggest that the people living around any cancer patient should immediately get the vaccine to lower the risk of infection.

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People living with cancer took an immense toll on their mental and physical health during the coronavirus pandemic. The availability of vaccines is a ray of hope for millions of people around the world. Meanwhile, the uncertainty surrounding the effectiveness of this vaccine for some patients leads to further stress.

Even though researchers are conducting vaccine trials, oncologists and experts suggest cancer patients take the vaccine as soon as possible. However, they should always consult with their healthcare provider before taking the shot.


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