Boiled Egg Diet is the WORST for Weight Loss

Boiled Egg Diet

The boiled egg diet is popular for a quick weight loss in days and it surely brings some noticeable results. As the name tells, it is a diet that uses hard-boiled eggs as the main dietary ingredients along with other sources of proteins, low carb, and non-starchy foods. But this diet is controversial and some nutritionists call it worst for weight loss.

There are many certified nutrition experts who appreciate its structural plan saying it can surely bring quick results. But most of the health experts call it too restrictive, extremely difficult to follow, and maybe completely ineffective.

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The boiled egg diet has numerous variations, that mainly differ in the supplementary food along with the hard-boiled eggs and serving number or size. But as per the original creator, this is a low carb diet which can make a person look up to 11 kgs in just two weeks.

This diet promises to control blood sugar, improve vision, and enhance bone density, along with giving a slimmer and leaner body. The Boiled Egg Diet allows certain types of food to be taken per day. Unlike other popular diets, it has no snacks in between meals.

Typically, in breakfast, you can take two or more hard-boiled eggs with any non-starchy veggie such as tomatoes and one fruit that is low in carbohydrates for example grapefruit.

In other meals of the day, the same hard eggs, non-starchy veggies, and any lean protein food can be taken. This boiled egg diet doesn’t need any exercise but any light to moderate exercise helps to shed weight even faster. Exercises like walk or exercise not only improves result but also makes a person active despite being on a diet.

But the problem with this egg diet for weight loss is that it is not sustainable. It can only be followed for a few days and after a person achieves his target weight, he can get back to his regular diet.

As described before, eggs (with yolk) are the main food in this boiled egg diet but in the lean proteins’ sources, low carb and non-starchy foods, you can choose between a number of options. For example;

In lean proteins, you can choose between poultry, lamb, beef, and even pork. Nonstarchy veggies such as kale, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, and others could be eaten. Low carbohydrate fruits including lemons, melons, grapefruit, and oranges are a good option. Usually, all herbs and spices are allowed in this diet but make sure not to overuse any. The fat’s intake is limited and only a small quantity is allowed. No sweetened drinks are allowed.

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In some variations of the egg diet, you can also find low-calorie dairy products as a part of the regular diet.

All high carb and starchy foods are restricted in this boiled egg diet for weight loss. although it looks like a reasonable diet plan which follows the standard, low carb, low-calorie formula it may be worst for a person who is looking for a long term weight loss solution.

it is also not suitable for people who are malnourished and are medically advised to eat healthily. Those who have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes type 2 and hypertension may also not feel comfortable with this diet. All such people need to contact their doctor first before trying any self-structured diet plans.

Many people are unable to determine the health risks while trying this egg diet for weight loss especially those who are diabetic, heart patient, and hypertensive. No diet including this diet allows alcohol consumption, cheating, and eating alternative unhealthy options, exercising more than your capacity and dehydration.

In addition to this, many people eat only egg whites, completely skipping the yolk which is against the standard diet rules. Eggs are a complete diet with numerous vitamins, healthy fats, minerals, and protein that are required for good health. Not eating the yolk, considering it is unhealthy is wrong and should be avoided while following this diet.

A common reason that this diet fails to provide any results is that people don’t estimate its difficulty level. It looks like a simple thing where you will be eating eggs all day. But letting go of nearly all other foods and eating among the restrictive food choices is hard. All this suggests egg diet is not a reasonable option for someone who is in search of long term solution with an easy to follow option.



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