AstraZeneca’s Coronavirus Works as Planned

coronavirus vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine that was being developed by Oxford University in collaboration with AstraZeneca has been on the radar of everyone who has been keeping up with the development of promising vaccines. Now according to a recent analysis, it is being revealed that the vaccine is acting just as it was hoped to act.

The method that confirmed that the shot had in it all the necessary parts was made by Bristol University teams which therefore provide better evidence that the shot may very well work after all.

This research has not yet been peer-reviewed but still, it manages to be widely accepted as a great example of collaboration across different disciplines.

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This coronavirus vaccine is going through phase three of the clinical trials which is an essential part of the process of establishing evidence that the vaccine is safe for taking.

The trials were confirmed to continue even after a volunteer on the study in Brazil died whilst still part of the trials. Currently, it is only known that the supposed man was not taking the vaccine and was instead put on a placebo.

The latest method of analyzing the coronavirus vaccine has allowed researchers to make sure that the vaccine was made efficiently to mirror the pieces of the coronavirus that are required to teach the immune system to battle the lethal virus.

The study has proved perhaps the most important part that is needed in a vaccine. They proved that the vaccine correctly replicates the protein that is present in the coronavirus.

This specific protein is important because it is what a person’s immune system will be taught to kill. Getting a vaccine therefore will mean that people are acquiring the necessary biological weapons to fight the lethal virus.

Dr. David Matthews led the research team. He explains that the importance of the study is, that the components of the vaccine are following the instructions laid out for it to be safe and effective once inside a human body.

Before now, technology was never able to give such a clear picture of what could go down but in this era, it is clear that the vaccine is only acting as it was expected from it and that it is a ray of hope in our battle against the infectious disease, he says.

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Sarah Gilbert is a professor at the University of Oxford and also leads the vaccine trial. She believes that this was a great example of collaboration using different approaches coming from various disciplines. She explains that the latest technology makes it easier to understand how a vaccine works and how it acts inside a cell of a human cell.

The study according to Gilbert suggests that coronavirus spike proteins are being produced sufficiently and accurately in the vaccine and that the vaccine will therefore be successful in eliciting a strong immune response from a human body.

This is a hopeful development, even more so given the fact that the pandemic shows no signs of stopping yet.


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