According to a Latest Report, Long COVID can Affect All of the Body Negatively

long COVID

Long after being infected by the coronavirus people are appearing to fall ill with what is being commonly known as ‘long COVID’. This however cannot be seen as one single syndrome but supposedly made up of 4 that have the ability to cause several sets of symptoms that affect different or all parts of a person’s body as well as the mind, according to what doctors had to say on Thursday.

According to Britain’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)’s initial report regarding long COVID says there is one thing that appearing to be reoccurring among such patients some of which have been suffering for as long as 7 months from the illness, the reoccurring symptom appears in one specific area such as either the lungs or heart but then the problem appears to change area and appear elsewhere.

Dr. Elaine Maxwell is the person who led this report. She explains that the review emphasizes on the debilitating psychological and physical impact that occurs in COVID-19 patients’ lives and continues to impact them long after.

This illness is not only those in Britain but also people worldwide; several thousands of individuals have taken to social media and different internet forums to talk about their experience with their persistent COVID-19 symptoms. Some people refer to this post COVID condition as ‘long haulers’ while others call it ‘long Covid’

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LongCovidSOS is a patient group based in the UK, they say taking data from King’s College London symptom tracking application, that 10% of people suffering from the lethal virus keep feeling un-well even 3 weeks after getting rid of it while 5% of them stay unwell for several months.

Maxwell recounts that health services already are having a difficult time trying to juggle these latest and inconsistent patterns of issues and symptoms linked to COVID-19.

Co-authors on the study alongside her ask doctors and patients to track and log coronavirus symptoms so that even health researchers can study and learn more about the different conditions appearing in the community and what part they can play to help ease it.

She believes regardless of how uncertain things are currently people do require help at this point and for that researchers require further data that needs to be collected.

A Facebook group titled COVID involving fourteen members became the focus group for Maxwell’s team for their initial report.

Maxwell and her team’s testimony suggest that this illness could be cyclical and the symptoms may fluctuate and change in severity from time to time and also change areas of the body. These areas include the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the brain, the kidneys, the skin, the heart, and the liver. This means that the illness has the power to disrupt a patient’s entire body.

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The report says there are a lot of incidents proving that coronavirus symptoms are not limited to one background or age-group instead it affects people from all age groups and all kinds of backgrounds.

Maxwell believes an immediate priority needs to be established on a mutually agreed upon diagnoses by healthcare services, government agencies, and employers to provide patients the support they so thoroughly require.

The report recognizes that since this disease is new learning about its impact is only part of the process of helping services be better prepared to help people who are still suffering from the repercussions of the coronavirus illness since it is shown to have long-term issues in the populations both psychologically and physically.


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