7 Signs that Someone is Faking Depression

faking depression
Image by Krystian Wielgus from Pixabay

Depression is a severe health condition that negatively affects a person’s life. many of them end up committing suicide if this depression is ignored and untreated. However, many times people are faking depression just to get noticed or receive attention from people around them. Considering the severity of this condition, it is hard to call it fake at first. But paying attention to small things can help to identify the ‘fake depression’ is some people. Here are the warning signs that you must look for.

Always creating a mess

People with real depression are generally not very talkative. They isolate themselves from others and never like to be a part of any activity or plan. But if someone is faking a depression, you may seem him behind every fuss created, one way or the other. It is also possible that they plan to create a messy situation to get a personal benefit.

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Inclined towards self-harming

Self-harming is sometimes observed in severe depression patients, along with suicidal thoughts or attempts. But in a fake depression, the person doesn’t like to injure himself.

Need of sympathy

The fake depression always has underlying reasons such as compassion, attention, and may compliment. It is also possible that they don’t even know the actual signs and feelings of depression and whenever someone gets close to them, they try doing everything which may make them appear a legit depressive person who needs care, according to their plan.

Selective depression

Depression is not something that only shows up at some specific times only or relate to some particular subjects. It is a general mental condition that makes it hard for the depression patient to focus or think clearly. In that case, it is impossible for him to do anything at all. So if a person is showing depressive signs for a certain thing only, there are high chances that they are faking depression.

Feeling of helplessness

People showing a fake depression are usually unable to keep up with a hopeless attitude and there are times when they truly reveal themselves. Try to monitor them closely and wait for them to make a mistake.

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Blaming others

You may also meet people who like to blame others for their personal problems. if you start asking them questions especially what makes them depress, they will start telling you stories about how some people have made their life miserable, making them unable to do anything. Meanwhile, those with real depression don’t even open up to anyone unless they are extremely close to them. This whole blame game is not something that a person with real depression does.

Passive-aggressive attitude

The easiest way to find if a person is faking depression is by observing them silently. The fake depression patients are not acting as per their plan all the time especially when no one is around them. Without letting them notice, analyzing a passive-aggressive behavior in them can give a good idea about their symptoms.

Asking someone if they actually have clinical depression or just stressed over may not lead to a believable answer. The fake depressed people are also pathological liars, most of the time which means it is hard to believe anything that they say. So, the best is to silently observe someone and look for the above-mentioned signs to know if someone is faking depression.


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